Biden Has a Public Meltdown Calls Iowa Man Liar and Fat

The headline of this story is total shit.

What actually happened was this fat boomer said we all know Trump was doing stuff in the Ukraine, but you sent your son over there, and he was selling influence.

Biden called him a liar and later called him fat.

They got in a shouting match.

Terrible optics. This Biden campaign can’t be real life.

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Old Joe is getting nasty in his old age, plus he didn’t like that the guy was exposing his secrets.

Yes, terrible optics.

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Biden’s claim that he had no idea Hunter had a job in the Ukraine is lunacy, but most of the major news outlets have been backing him.

This is going to end up hurting them even more. People who even hate Trump aren’t going to swallow this obvious bullshit.

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I mean with a campaign slogan of “No Malarkey” no one is going take him serious, only the Low info ones will! Talk about stupidity, who ever dreamed up that campaign slogan is smoking some serious chit! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Biden seriously needs to back out of the race, he’s just embarrassing himself.

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He is the gift that just keeps on giving. I was torn before, but now I know. I NEED Joe Biden to win the nomination. I want to watch his dumpster fire of a campaign for as long as possible.

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Creepy Joe hates fat farmers! Probably hates anyone who earns an honest living wage.

I thought the left hated fat shaming.

Does anyone remember the good old days…when old people died?

I can agree with that, he just continues to step in it. Jimmy Carter even said that 80 is too old for the exceeding difficulties that come with the job. And he knows what the job requires, and he’s been 80…:man_shrugging:

He’s 4th in Iowa and sinking. Not likely the gods will provide your desires.

I try to give Joe the benefit. Was the guy lying & was he fat? Cause if you’re fat & you are lying, you are a fat liar. Joe should stick to what he does best, stumble around & bump into things. It worked well when he was VP.

In yet another glaring example of media prejudice leading contender for the Democrat party nomination Joe Biden lashes out when a voter asks him a question he doesn’t like but the media attacks the voter not Biden’s tantrum.

Democratic presidential contender [Joe Biden] on Thursday called a man in Iowa a “damn liar,” “fat” and “too old to vote for me” after the man accused Biden without any evidence of getting his son Hunter a job with a Ukrainian gas company in exchange for access to the Obama administration.

“You’re a damn liar, and that’s not true,” Biden snapped at the man during a campaign event in New Hampton, Iowa, as an audience of as an audience of adults and children looked on.

CNBC editors slanted the story as man smears Biden by repeating unproven accusation. Never mind the long history of Hunter Biden getting jobs with companies where his father’s office could be very valuable to them such as Amtrak and MBNA. Ignore Hunter’s response of “I don’t know” to the question of why did Burisma hire you in a recent interview.

It takes a truely profound level of partisan corruption for our so-called objective media to not just display indifference to investigating Biden’s corruption but to join in as he attacks and insults an ordinary citizen for daring to ask about an obvious conflict of interest at least.

I’ve heard that the Republicans may call on the Bidens and Adam Schiff to testify in the Senate if the House votes to impeach. THAT should be interesting…and I hope it happens.

I also wonder about Schiff. If he gets a subpoena and doesn’t show up, will he be charged with contempt?

After all, nobody is above the law. :rofl:

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The Democrat race to lose against Trump is hysterical.

Look at the field of candidates today…Joe Biden with his big fake teeth, Bernie with his ■■■■ voice and crazy old man hair, Butt Guy with his small, angry face and his “husband” “Chasten” (what in the Hell kind of name is that???), Klobuchar looks like a slightly better looking Sotomayor, hulking and angry. But hey, no blacks or that downs syndrome looking Castro character.

There must be an internal panic amongst Dems about their candidate roster because this is a slow-motion train wreck and they can’t be so obtuse to not see it.

There’s no excitement like 2008 Obama, 2016 Bernie, or 2016 Trump in this cycle. It’s motivated purely by a fear and loathing of the other side without any expectation of anything beneficial coming from it.

I hope Biden wins the nomination. That way, at least we’ll be entertained by dementia-induced cringey comments and antics.

Tailgunner Joe would say he doesn’t know why Obama picked him as his VP. He would be lucky to get votes seniors having dementia in nursing homes.

Creepy Uncle Joe is losing it.