Biden had his first call with Putin. He said everything Trump wouldn’t

Finally, a president with the balls to stand up to authoritarian dictators instead of stroking them off and slurping it up.

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Lol Putin haha has an economy the size on Maine… mean while China is raping us and his crack head son is making billion dollar deals… the Iq of you lefties are scary


Are we really expected to follow a link to fucking VOX? :rofl: :rofl:


I agree, China is the dominant player/adversary, but don’t underestimate Putin’s cunning. He has a personal vendetta against the US and western society that traces back to the fall of the Soviet union.

His endgame is the complete destruction of our society, most likely from within. The division in our country is due in no small part to his efforts.

Well I live around Haitians and Latinos that hate America and was told by one Haitian girl she wants to blow America up… maybe we should cut off this type of immigration than I’ll worry about your concern about Mr. Putin

Haha! She probably thinks we are all like you

No she actually likes me, it’s common for these ppl to hate us look at their communities… high crime, no respect.

But Russia lol

I won’t disagree with that. Russia hates the USA. They would love to see us fall. But… Russia is a small player these days. Should we take them serious? Sure. I would be be much more worried about China, though.

I know I am laughing about that too!

Coming from the same snowflake who is selective in what facts to research!