Biden and Democrats /Republicans really screwed up on Afganistan

wow thats a phrase Kamala Harris legs spread wide open Kamala screw a guy or two a day a day literately like Willie Broom and any other men , Afghanistan and women call Joe Biden a pervert 10 sexual abuse cases ya do not hear about so Afghanistan And yet, that’s just what President Biden did on Tuesday in a speech to the American people, inexplicably calling our Afghan withdrawal “an extraordinary success.” With all due respect to the president, that is preposterous.

Biden is an idiot and evil man, incompetent man. Biden is the wromg person to lead our country through a very tumultuous and fragile time.

However, and let me be very clear: He has disastrously bungled Afghanistan, and the damage from that will be long-lasting, catastrophic, and perhaps irrevocable.

It boggles the mind. There was no good reason — absolutely none — to end our military engagement in the haphazard, irresponsible manner that Biden chose to. There were countless other options at his disposal besides rushing an operation he promised would be “safe and orderly,” then proved anything but.

All that has happened — the immediate collapse of the Afghan government, the emboldening of ISIS-K, a mad crush of Afghans and Americans desperate to leave the Taliban-controlled failed state, and even the needless deaths of U.S. service members to terrorist attacks — was predictable.

And everything that will invariably happen next — increased instability in the region, a rise in terror attacks, new threats to American national security, distrust by our allies, dismissal by our enemies — is known to Biden as well. He is not new to this arena. Biden himself warned 20 years ago that “If we leave Afghanistan in chaos No9w COVID 19 The Economy illegal Immigration and the Natioanl Debt. Name one bill that Biden support to help improve this. Adding 1.9 trillion dollars to the Natioanl debt to special interest is not a bill that helps American, Causes inflation witch is a tax on everyone no mater your yearly income by 6 % and will add to this 2 % every 6 months. so what did you vote for a pervert Joe Biden