Beware of Trump/Pence Yard Signs


This liberal moron need a major beating . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’d rather have a beating than what he got. Some electric fence systems can literally knock the shit out of you. I hope he had to go home and clean his pants.

What was it?
Electricity? The guy’s wearing gloves.

I thought it was some kind airgun.

He must have sweated thru them. Salty water conducts. Electric fences generally use a capacitor discharge voltage ranging into THOUSANDS of volts. The discarge takes only a split second to knock the living shit out of a human. For most animals with thick hides, it takes more.

Here’s a short lesson on electric fences.

The video is actually from 2016 when Trump was running against Hillary. In this version, it looks like he’s not wearing gloves. Maybe it’s the color level.

Read some of the comments posted beneath it. Some were made 2 years ago, a few just hours ago.