Best Radio Stations..In My Judgement!

Having been raised in a very rural part, Radio was the only means of listening to world events and music. My family did purchase a Television(in 1955), but due to our remote area reception was very unreliable. My parents did have a very old console radio which did have premarked Short Wave radio stations. As a very young man I became infatuate with the radio. My two favorite radio programs were from Deutsche Welle and Radio Moscow. Both played traditional folk music and world news. Other short wave radio stations were listened too, but had unreliable reception. On my birthday in 1954, my family gave me a Regency TR-1 the first transistor radio which I still have today. Now with the internet finding a super radio station is very easy. Below is a list of my favorites.
(1) FIP Radio Paris France ( If you are a music fanatic this station is for you. In fact the programmer deserves the Noble Prize for his scheduling. Everything can be heard from experimental Jazz to Hard Rock to popular music to selective classic music to lesser known but brilliant musicians. No commercials just a one minute break during the show. I have never heard them repeat any music.
Honorable mention . This station specialises in experimental/abstract music…I mean great music no Captian Beefheart variety. This is the sister station to FIP.
(2) Lifegates Radion-Milano,It station specialises more into critical pop music. Eric Burdon “The Soul of a Man” and "Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos are a few examples. But what has sold me is their featuring of such musicians like Muddy Waters and Joseph Cotton. Excellent!
(3) Majestic Radio . Any radio station that routinely plays Art Blakey`s “Moanin” and Jimmy Smith deserves this position. It specialises in radio hits between 1940 and to the 70s. You will hear hits that were short lived and forgotten about.Very easy going radio station.
I know plenty more stations such as American Oldies But you should stay busy with the above.


I listen to mostly internet radio. Especially OTR (Old Time Radio). It’s on all day and night! I love listening to classic old time radio shows like “Your’s Truly, Johnny Dollar”, Boston Blackie, and many others.
I listen to it faithfully and everyday and night. It’s much better than listening to these stupid "wall-to-wall Corona virus coverages. JMO

You will love Majestic Radio.

Well, I listen to these shows on TuneIn and other radio apps.

Here is the only radio station I listen to:

Arctic Outpost Radio:

I listen to only Crimetime radio.

Club Zero …Trance music of each type with changing djs every 2 hours. International. Sometimes really good.

A youtube channel. with music from 1910–20’s, 30’s 40’s, 50’s early 60’s, Opera, French, Uk USA, Itally, World War 2, Renaissance music., Vintage photos.

The channel name is. “ill rec”

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Sad they don’t play bluegrass anymore, even in the US, the home of this great music genre.

What are you talking about? Bluegrass is still played in the US and is still popular. Maybe not as popular as a bunch of sheboons twerking to some drug addicted autotuned basketball-american…but it’s still widely listened to and the festivals are pure Americana.

Oh, I meant on the radio.
Of course bluegrass rules.

PS I did see Osborne Brothers and Bill Monroe on a number of BG festivals. I even have a baseball cap with his autograph on it

I love stuff like this, it’s like traveling in a time machine. Thanks for sharing, I am def going to check this out!

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FIP some times plays blue-grass

On FIP radio this morning there was at least 12 minutes of Traditional Cajun music from Louisiana. Afterwards until present, hit after hit from critical musicians!

Some of ill rec has copyright issues in the US and I assume elsewhere. Most opens fine.

“Buckwheat Zydeco” and plenty of beer and Gumbo to go around! Good times in the swamp!