Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire primary

MANCHESTER, N.H. — For the second time, Sen. Bernard Sanders won New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary, strengthening his grip on the far-left mantle in the race and giving him a burst of momentum heading into this month’s Nevada caucuses and South Carolina primary.

The networks race was called for Mr. Sanders three hours after the last polls closed at 8 p.m., giving him bragging rights to back-to-back New Hampshire wins in 2016 and 2020.

With 86% of the vote counted, the self-described socialist was leading with 26.1 % of the vote, followed by Mr. Buttigieig, 24.3%, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, 19.8%.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden appeared headed for disappointing fourth and fifth place finishes, and were projected to lose out on winning any of the state’s 24 delegates.

Mr. Sanders, a senator from neighboring Vermont, rode a wave of support from young and very liberal voters to victory after falling just shy of capturing the top spot in the Iowa caucuses last week.

It was another noteworthy achievement for the 78-year-old, whose campaign appeared to be in trouble when he suffered a heart attack on the trail just four months ago. Since then, though, he easily raised more money than his rivals, steadily rose in the polls and proved on Tuesday that his better-than-expected showing in the nomination race four years ago wasn’t a fluke.

The race here in many ways was for supremacy in the center-left lane between Mr. Buttigieg and Ms. Klobuchar.

I take hope from Klobuchar’s ascendancy - she’s an actual moderate who could restore dignity and decorum to the Whitehouse after two Presidents who by turns made an ethnocracy, then a clown car of the place.

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By the way the Democrats count their delegates, Bernie has a clear path to the nomination at this point. The collapse of America is rolling, full steam ahead.

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He didn’t exactly take NH in a landslide. In 2016 he took roughly 60% of the vote. He barely broke the dead heat with the Butt Judge.

I think it was so close because after the 2016 election the DNC literally went bankrupt. Hillary Clinton literally bought them out and is now the behind-the-scenes kingmaker and will install whoever will do her bidding. Buttman is her guy and I am confident he will get the nomination as the fix is already in.

Nice theory - the fact remains that Bernie Sanders literally almost got beat by a literal who?

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Bernie isn’t a popular candidate, for all the internet memeing the DNC still has to court the moderate voters who just “feel” that it would be nice to help the homeless and not be racist towards brown/black people. They have no intention of actually paying more taxes and Bernie will flounder when his campaign becomes posion for anyone with a functioning life currently.

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My prediction it will be Michael Bloomberg that will eventually win the nomination. He will just buy it and we all know the Democratic National Committee will be glad to accept his money to rig it in his favor.

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Now the media will say that Trump is so stupid, he tried to get Ukraine to investigate Biden as if he was a serious challenger.

She’s a low down dirty politician just like the rest of them. Don’t be fooled. She’s a clown because only a clown would say crap like this:


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There was only two in that race…

Has anyone noticed that Obama has been featured in Bloomberg’s ads lately? Follow the money, it’s the Chicago way.

Joe is toast, Liz is toast, Butt and Amy are running for VP.

The moment Michele appears in a Bloomberg ad the party is over.

And neither will be the dummycrats nominee , mini mike is dropping millions and millions , money talks with dummycrats .

I can’t see Sanders picking either of those two up for VP. Granted, he may not have a choice if he doesn’t want to have the nomination stolen from him again but if he did have a choice I doubt it would be either of those two goons.

because he won’t be their choice as president .

They would have to completely dismantle their entire delegate system before the convention, which I don’t think is going to happen. I’m certain that they will rig it to choose whoever they want but getting rid of the delegates at this stage would be nearly impossible.

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As of now, looks like Sanders might win the nom.

It would be a good outcome, imo.

The most clarifying match-up is Trump v Sanders.

  • Trump v Biden is nouveau neocon v neolib. Same old same old.
  • Trump v Klobuchar is Trump v Hillary. Ditto.
  • Trump v Buttplug is Trump v Deep State. A lot of intrigue, but no forward momentum on the national question.
  • Trump v Bloomberg would push Trump deeper into Con Inc DR3 territory. Ugh.

But Trump v Bernie is boffo box office. Would it be Converged Trump v The Socialist or Reinvigorated Nationalist Populist Trump v The Socialist? If the former, Bernie wins. Like it or not, the country is ripe for a socialist revolution, much as it is ripe for a nationalist revolution. Wealth inequality, student loans, and wage stagnation have radicalized a whole generation of little socialists. Change was in the air; now it’s in our laps.

OTOH, Sanders could force Trump to lurch back to Trump’s campaign persona, disavowing his own party and the economic numbers he’s been touting. Clarifying, indeed.

And the dulcet vocal tones on those two! Turn up the volume.


the cabal/deepstate/power brokers/elites have certainly lost control of everything if it’s a trump vs bernie election. The most evident manifestation of their power has always been their ability to control the bounds of public discourse. That election battle is proof positive they’ve lost that power.