Bernie Sanders has Iowa Locked In - Communism USA Approaching

Iowa is a week from Monday and Bernie is surging in the polls thanks in large part to that obvious hit job that Warren and CNN ran on him during the final Democrat debate. Buckle up because America is about to go full communist as Chairman Bernie locks down Iowa and sweeps the primaries. You heard it here first. Americans want free shit.

New York Times:

Senator Bernie Sanders has opened up a lead in Iowa just over a week before the Democratic caucuses, consolidating support from liberals and benefiting from divisions among more moderate presidential candidates who are clustered behind him, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll of likely caucusgoers.

Mr. Sanders has gained six points since the last Times-Siena survey, in late October, and is now capturing 25 percent of the vote in Iowa. Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. have remained stagnant since the fall, with Mr. Buttigieg capturing 18 percent and Mr. Biden 17 percent.

The rise of Mr. Sanders has come at the expense of his fellow progressive, Senator Elizabeth Warren: she dropped from 22 percent in the October poll, enough to lead the field, to 15 percent in this survey. Senator Amy Klobuchar, who is garnering 8 percent, is the only other candidate approaching double digits.


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It’s all gonna be free, rent, healthcare, college, Bernie phones, and hookers!

In one more year Bernie’s gonna make it rain…


Bernie is basically spineless.

It’s hard to see because he sort of carved out a niche for himself separate from the Democrat party mainstream, and nobody in the party really came after him for it. Then, as the Democrat mainstream accelerated left, he started looking like a “visionary” and “man of integrity” for having staked out his hard-left position–and sticking to it–thirty years ago. Of course what makes him interesting is that he wasn’t a garden-variety communist. He was a freakish combination of hard-left socialism combined with certain libertarian elements. It’s a niche that could only really exist in Vermont, which is a bizarre confluence of old-school Yankee conservative libertarians–who are the native population–and the people who moved there starting in the 70s, i.e. New Yorkers and communist hippies.

But when he moved to the national stage in 2016 he had to make some serious accommodations to the Democrat party norms. The concessions he had made to the traditional conservative element, i.e. gun rights, and the concessions he had made to old-school labor leftists, i.e. anti-immigration, got chucked out first. But then he started getting attacked for being tough on crime–after all he’s from a state that’s 97% white–and he has started to cave on that.

That said, what really irks me is how he let Hillary roll him over and fuck him back in 2016. He could have just told her to go fuck herself. After all he was already well into his 70s and his career was pretty much over. Instead, he let Hillary literally steal all the money his campaign had raised–which to his credit was a gigantic war chest–in exchange for getting a shiny new sports car and a vacation house. Talk about your 30 pieces of silver.

If he had stood tall back in 2016, he’d be in such a strong position today. As it is, the only reason he still is even in the running is how incredibly pathetic the Democrat field is.

The point is, if by some miracle Bernie does get elected President, he’s just going to cave in like a rotten tent and do whatever he’s told to do. At least Trump seemed to go down fighting. Bernie will cave in on Day One.

So in your perspective if Sanders is President he’ll just become another Obama in a empty suit pandering to the special interests? Status quo?

Sanders has a whole lot in common with the evolving Democratic Party. He was fucked by HRC, but making anything of it at the time would have so split them, he had tremendous pressure from the rest to stand down.

I have not supported him one bit since, he so pissed me off.

Bezmenov’s 1985 speech to around 300 Atlantans on the folly of allowing America to be conned into abandoning our freedom based system for the communism he fled in the 70s. He also is crystal clear about who was advancing it then and still advancing it now.

If you are still unclear on any of these matters, listen to a man who came from the belly of that beast.

With a distressing percentage of Americans expressing a fondness for a system that never has worked, his remarks could not be more timely. The old USSR may have slightly mended its ways but MARXIST SOCIALISM is STILL very much with us.



RCH shows a .4 lead, hardly a lock up

5 polls 1/2-1/23.

The super delegates sided with Clinton, he had no chance from start.

I want to see Sanders get the nomination because the American people will finally put this socialism crap to bed when they reelect Trump.

Americans are nothing but unpredictable.

Some will recognize him for what he is however there are a number of Americans that have their hand out thinking government can fix their healthcare costs, their student loan mess etc.

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Perhaps you can then appreciate… appreciation for Trump.


There are a lot of people out there wanting to vote for anyone who will provide relief from student loan debt and want “free” healthcare.

IMO, the worst thing we can do is be complacent, thinking Trump has this in the bag.

We need to vote for not just him, but the House and Senate. Perhaps this time, they can get behind him instead of obstructing and listen to the voice of the American people that the Electoral College is supposed to represent.

IMO, they are short term thinkers. Checker players that would have their asses beat in a game of chess.

We’ve all had to pay for mistakes we made throughout our lives. We learn, adapt and move on.

Bailing people out for their mistakes or poor judgement is a losing proposition. Not just for them, but for everyone.


he had tremendous pressure from the rest to stand down.

LOL, not even close.

The super delegates ensured a Hillary from the beginning.

Focusing in and looking at a state like New Hampshire, we can clearly see how superdelegates have effected this race. At the polls Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire’s pledged delegates by a landslide 22 percent. Bernie Sanders received 60.4 percent of the poll vote, just about 150,000 votes. Clinton received 38 percent of the poll vote, tallying just about 95,000 votes. Yet, all six Democratic New Hampshire superdelegates gave their support to Hillary Clinton, effectively erasing Sanders win, leading both candidates to leave the state with the same 15 delegates. The six votes of support by Governor Maggie Hassan, Representative Ann Kuster, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and DNC members Bill Shaheen, Kathy Sullivan, and Joanne Dowdell, effectively erased the impact of 55,000 Democratic voters on this election.


According to MSN today Clinton leads in pledged votes, with 1768, while Sanders has 1494.

But to look at the aftermath of the vote count we truly have to critically evaluate the start. Hillary Clinton entered Super Tuesday in March in a virtual tie in pledged delegates with both candidates holding just about 50 pledged delegates, yet she held the support of nearly 400 super delegates. This early lead created the visual that Sanders could not defeat her for many voters, clearly affecting the race.

Take this with a grain of salt for what it’s worth.

Bernie has a good chance at the nomination but zero chance of winning in November.

This is Absolutely hysterical, there is no way the New Democrats will let the Newer Democrat party nominate this Communist Mad Man. They already said if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination they’re voting for Trump.

They could resurrect JFK & not beat Trump right now…

Some might throw a big enough Tantrum to vote for Trump but the more likely outcome is either they still vote democrat or maybe go third party voting for Bernie in big enough numbers to ensure Trump’s reelection.

The DNC knows this so there’s a very good chance whomever defeats him announces immediately that Bernie with be their VP pick.

I think I am going to vote Bernie just to crash this bitch.

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