Beretta 9mm APX for $260 after rebate

These are $350 and there is a $100 Beretta rebate. The compact model is also available. Full size sold out at this price. This is their new military model that lost out to the Sig. The Sig is more than twice the price.

MSRP on these is ballpark $550.


That’s pretty cool…

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That is a nice piece! I have a Berretta 9mm PX4 Storm that is part of my arsenal and absolutely love it! I think I am going to get this one! Some really nice features especially the design for better handling is what attracts me.

I did some price comparisons, all of my local gun shops have the APX Centurion for between $475 and $550. This is a great deal. Ordered!

Thanks for sharing this and saving folks some money!

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