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Of course it is. But they aren’t “commies”.


I’m sorry to offend your sensibilities. Democratic socialists.


LOL, no they didn’t. Che died in a hut after being shot in a ditch.

Gabino and Perez died after living for most of their lives on the run in the mountains.

Hell Gabino went to the bush at 14 years old.


Voting to give themselves free crap. Ok.


I thought that comment was kind of interesting…where else have I heard that phrase?

Oh yeah at BNN by libs no less. :wink:


There is hybrid of Fascism/Communism that raising from there ashes.

Chew on that for moment. :wink:


Yes…and there are those labeling themselves as anti-Fascist that are actually Fascists…and some who are being labeled Fascists that are not so.

The pig, Madeleine Albright co-authored and pimps a book Fascism A Warning…designed to paint Donald Trump as a Fascist.

I suspect the the other co-author, Bill Woodward wrote most of the book. Miss Piggy just sprinkled it with anecdotes from her past and loaned it her name to possibly increase the sales.

It was a gift to me. I’d never have bought it…and I do not recommend it to anyone.



Black is white, up is down, truth is fiction.


“Social Democrats” is the proper term.


Many years ago at the other place I coined the term “Neo Socialism” but it never caught on.

I"m still not convinced there’s any substantive difference between the state owning the means of production and the level of regulation we still have.

Hell, you can’t even control who comes and goes or who you hire under the current system.


Whatever the left is accusing you of you can bet they are doing themselves. The true fascists in this country today, at least those with any power are certainly on the left.


Ben claims to be an Orthodox Jew. However, does his religion play a part in his views on politics?


Are you one of those who think that Catholics shouldn’t be allowed to vote?


Technically I am generation X.

What I hate is the direction the country is headed. Not because I hate the people themselves but because they have no earthly idea or seeming appreciation of what a great country this. They are willing to squander my freedom for their security.

If I had a time machine, I’d round them all up and drop them into a time where there was no electronics, family values were held in high esteem and working hard for a living without pissing and moaning about it was the expectation. Where neighbors and churches helped to give a hand up and the government didn’t get involved in permanent hand outs.


They exist. Therefore, they are entitled to perpetual participation awards.

I often wonder, if we had a natural disaster or some catastrophic event, what life skills do these people have that would allow them to trade and survive other than a worthless degree, hatred of guns or an entitlement chip on their shoulder.


I noted that as well. Yes, very interesting :face_with_monocle:


That is correct and that is and always was the goal.


Agreed. I’ve argued that “owning the means of production” and “controlling the means of production” are indistinguishable in their effect.


A distinction without a difference.


Both sides, cons and libs, want some level of control over private companies.

Libs want emissions controlled… cons want google controlled.

They all want your modified definition of socialism.