Belgium: ‘White People Not Welcome’


This month in Brussels, to celebrate ‘Black History Month’ an event will be held – the Black Liberation event – where white people are simply not welcome, unless of course, they are there to volunteer to take care of the black participants or if they are accompanied by one or more black people, SCEPTR reports.

“Non-black people are only welcomed if they are accompanied by a black person. Black people always get priority,” a description of the event reads.

Interestingly enough, white people are also welcomed by event organizers to clean up the waste of those who attend the Black Liberation event.

“Non-black people are invited to do volunteer work for the participants and the space, then cook and tidy up, to donate a MINIMUM of € 10 per person,” the event description reads.

Each year, people around the world celebrate key figures and important events of the African diaspora. In the past, however, events surrounding Black History Month have been mainly focused on the achievements and positive things brought to the world by the African diaspora, not those [white people]who allegedly continue to oppress them.

The event is set to take place on March 25th in the Belgian capital of Brussels. According to event organizers, the event’s central question is how black people in Europe can be “freed” from discrimination.

I have a few ideas on how to tidy up the place. I’d pay a lot of money to be able to tidy up the place too. I think pretty soon Europeans are going to start tidying their place up for free.

Black History Month…
What is “Black History”?

What’s their contribution to civilization?
I don’t consider running fast and jumping high to be essential part of civilization.

The hypocrisy of this should outrage you.

Diversity, immigration, refugees…they all equal crime, rape and death. Our women are being ripped from us around the world, either voluntarily or by force. This event is another perfect example. Help wake them up, help protect them, they are key to our future.


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Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everyone is White Genocide.

Its a crime, and a war, not a policy option.

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I watched a documentary last night of what really happened at a railway station in Cologne; I think it was during a public holiday. It was sheer chaos of assaults against females and other signs of anarchy. And the version I watched - substantiated all the way by females who’d been assaulted, and in some cases traumatised - was very different from the German press reportage at the time. And there are thousands more ‘refugees’ headed their way right at this moment.