Belgium - Migrants Attack Police Over Nothing


Quick Rundown:

  • Four year old girl comes home from school yesterday
  • Has blood in her panties
  • Parents freak out and accuse her teacher of abusing her
  • 200 parents go to protest at the school
  • Today
  • News breaks that there was absolutely no molestation and the girl has an infection
  • Parents refuse to believe this, are angry over this and gather at the school
  • Start launching stones and eggs at the police

Celebrate Diversity!


As always, they are just looking for reasons to be victims and riot.

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Unlike the US, this is exactly what European countries demanded and received from their lawmakers. The police need to respond with force. They can’t have a conversation because they aren’t civilized.

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Or the 4 year old girl has a family member who likes little girls.

I hope for her sake it was an infection and now she is all better.

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They also don’t understand anything but violence. That’s how they “solve” problems where they come from and it’s why they have no place in our society.


There is a reason that decade after decade the countries they come from are still shit-holes. One can’t blame it all on their governments.


Whenever I see reports of chaos like this … I can’t help thinking ‘let them try that in a communist country and see what they get’ (Tiananmen Square?). Then I wonder… is all of this deliberately orchestrated chaos-via-migrants designed to “fundamentally transform” non-communist nations into communist ones… by “nudging” the people towards demands for government to “end” the violence with violence? Will it get to the point, even here in the US, where the dumbed down populace rises up and demands a totalitarian form of government that will “quiet” the anarchists… finally? I’m betting that is exactly the ultimate goal.


Did the article clarify what kind of infection/illness/condition the little one had?