Bed, Bath, and Bankrupt

Bed Bath and Beyond is now considering bankruptcy due to substantial financial loses in the retail sales. As the saying goes, “go woke, go broke” couldn’t be any truer when considering that they banned all of Mike Lindell’s products from their shelves. Conservatives rallied in support of Lindell by deciding to not shop at the retail store anymore and revenue loss is ultimately crushing the company’s bottom line. One would think that the executives and shareholders for this company would know such outcomes by now but I guess woke politics takes priority over profit and for the good of the company which has led to the company’s recent financial trouble thus facing bankruptcy protection.

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No great loss. So much wrong with this company they can follow Linen and things to the trash heap.

Never heard of this company so must have not been that big?

Actually they were a large company before closing stores.
43 closed in 2021.
37 closed in 2022
150 scheduled to close in 2023
Before the 150 stores, 708 Locations 52 States and Territories 600 Cities

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So in the US only not international?

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Bingo. They should have set up e-commerce years ago.