BBC and Islam-The Religion of Peace

I have been listening the BBC (BBC 4 and WS) for most of my lifetime. It was once the hallmark of objective news reporting. But in the last ten years it has transformed its self to a mouthpiece for the extreme left. Now it has carved out yet another special status for the religion of peace by providing ISLAM with its services. The first time in BBC history. In Fairness, BBC 4 since its inception, has always broadcaster daily Christian Services. To further prove my point, the BBC has almost totally neglected reporting the savage murder on a seven year old girl by a member of the religion of peace. Yes do stay indoors!

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I read yesterday that a man went swimming by himself and was arrested by police for violating the “stay at home” rules. I then read that dozens of Muslims gathered for a funeral. Police simply gave them a “talking to” and walked away.


What’s up with the parents of that little girl who was killed? Who stands there while their child is getting hacked to death with a machete?

Sounds like this is the perfect time for the people of the UK to take their country back.

Are they broadcasting and Christian services?

Yes, on BBC 4. The established Church of England.

So what are you going to do about it?