BBB Pervert Joe Bidens latest slogan Copied by Him From Moron Obama

and Its Trumps fault right just like every thing these yahos do it someone else’s fault BBB Bankruptcy By BULLSHIT , Never ever going to pass the Senate,LETS just mention a fey reasons why 1 it will cost 7 trillion dollars 78,000 for your kids life when they start paying Federal income Tax , Regardless of their income will pay that debt free bs any of these programs are sold a 10 years NO they will run 1 year and then be auto renewed WOW Pelosi and Schumer That was really great to see Pelosi and her fat ass kicked out of her own Democrat meeting by AOC must really think we the people are stupid, Inflation Tax on every one regardless of income will be at 9 % 1/1/2022. look at the world stage they are laughing at America again, Climate change Pervert Joe Biden sends 6 jets and 85 limos to Italy thats more CO2 gas than driving to work for a 25,000 people city in a year. The really comical part is that CNN and MSNBC the Demes own propaganda Cabel News program is sick of Biden’s idioit moves and whispering this asshole is truly insane. Hey dudes that tell me I cannot spell How I am I doing. Final the photo op with the Pope is embarrassing to the world, I do not care what your religious believes are but ask your religious leader about that one . Now gets a comment on a Couple of the Biden Administration IDIOT soon to be impeached Merlin Garland a complete fricking idiot, HOE Kamala Harris approval rating as low as Biden 21 % BUT Black men 95 % the 10 she bangs a week. Slut Jill Biden like Spread your legs wide open Kamala Harri old Jill baby is doing the same at sex party’s with drugs with Hunter Biden these are your idiots not 98 million voters in America so that tells you what about the 2021 POTUS Election ? By the way did you see POTUS Trump and Melania in Georgia in front of 55,000 people NO Masks in a $50,000 suit doing the Tomahawk wow de he and Melania look great while the fans cheered as he was introduced Cannot wait to here what the worst Cabel News Channel on earth CNN says about that