Barcelona is Rioting!

They are not all the same people in Spain Catalonia have a different language and culture I think that’s where it’s different to America but I do concede that America has multiple cultures in different regions of the country I can see that as an outsiders people in Texas have a completely different culture to people in New York but they share the same language and core values

Go visit Birmingham and then tell me they speak the same language as New Yorkers…JK. :rofl:

Anyway, regardless of any differences in dialect, it’s a part of Spain and I think most any country is going to be resistant to a break away.

What people?
Speakers of the same language are difficult to separate, unless there is a great geographical distance, racial or religious/cultural difference.

Resistance from whom?

Catalan and Spanish are two distinctly different languages.

It would depend on what part of the country was attempting to break away as to who would resist in America, but I’m pretty sure the federal government would resist any attempts.

Catalan, Spanish and Aranese are all spoken there, and maybe a bit of there own sign language…:blush:

I was surprised in that first video that the one guy didn’t run with the rest of the crowd. Not sure what he was thinking, but he sure ended up taking the brunt of the police response for the whole rest of the crowd.

And what happened to him is precisely why the rest of the crowd ran. Looks like the Spanish cops planned to be no-nonsense with whomever they caught, and the crowd knew it. And the protesters didn’t have the courage to take a “they-can-shoot-us-all” stand.

I was entertained by the press corps in orange vests waddling behind the cops. Real brave souls, when they’re behind the shields and batons. :slight_smile:

We fought a civil war to stop a secession. Absolutely the government would resist attempts.