Barbara Walters passes away

Barbara Walters passed away today at the age of 93. Another passing of an era now gone. Despite what you may think of her as I can count as one of her detractors having founded that ghastly show that spews vomit daily called “The View” she did have a small modicum of journalistic integrity.

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Hah hah I remember that drama. Harry Reasoner was no superstar but those were the days of the “anchorman” becoming a celebrity. Dan Rather’s ascendance was around that time, too. Then they decide to promote Barbara, and yet keep Reasoner because he’d waited in line so long. Made them co-anchors. Blew up, I think Reasoner won the power struggle and Walters left for somewhere else. Reasoner was totally forgettable, Walters I only remember from her fawning interview of Jimmy Carter after he won the election. I seem to recall “editorials” that Reasoner made that said absolutely nothing. I guess that was better than the microthoughts from liberals like Walters and Rather.


Joos dominate the American MSM, whether they are smart — as she was portrayed to be — or not.

This system must come down if Americans want to be free from the curse.