Bannon Indicted……

Maybe this puts pressure on Meadows and others….:thinking:

You must be wetting your panties and overjoyed.

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Here is one for you Monte, because I know you love this! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



The AG is a joke … isn’t holder still charged with contempt?


Yes he is. Whats worse is O’Keeffe’s confiscated notes on his lawsuit against the New York times has been leaked to the New York times by the AG. This is outrageous!


and Nothing It will end up in State appeal and then US supreme Court but justice will not here the case why? get over it CNN and Democrats Hillary and Pervert Joe Biden lost the 2016 and 2020 election, Lets sue Pelosi and Biden for doing nothing for America spending my money for special interests thats called impeachment. He Ukraine is in the News Again lets see what they say when Biden tries to steal cash from the President thier

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This is what Stalin did, this is what China would do, North Korea. Democrats must be defeated


Probably will end up in SCOTUS. Let’s go….

To much case law… I hope the SC absolutely destroys the nazi attorney General thank God he did not become a Supreme Court justice


James O’Keefe… Donald Trump Steve Bannon, January 6th protesters rotting in prison. A judge is throwing a man from Alabama in jail because he had moonshine jars in his truck… she wants him to admit that they were bombs… Tossed out his plea deal.

Kyle Rittenhouse, The McMichaels.

They are lynching republicans

So when is it Hillary’s turn ? How many more times does she have to lie to the FBI ? How much more evidence does she have to destroy ? How much more classified information does she have to put out ? How much more Russian collusion does she have to commit ? Your simply a fucking mutt asshole

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Bannon will be turning himself in tomorrow morning……

Another case of the justice system making a sharp left turn once again . Blind indeed !!!


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so what you are saying is Pervert Joe Biden is a fricking idiot right so lets look at your comment Hillary is innocent of what the tapes she hid and were found and are on public display at the archives of her as Secretary of State? She is seen posing for a Porn Flick with Vladimir Putin hiding in The Ukraine and Russian (upload://hr4AbddP2rVseVqhYbM4p8et37U.jpeg)and moron Obama well he is getting ready to Bang Drunk Nancy Pelosi ![image|407x475](upl

Hillary Clinton is innocent of nothing. That’s why we didn’t vote for her, remember……

I thought Russia cheated

I know which is funny because he along with the regular regressive idiots that post here were all flapping their gums about Russia Russia blah blah. Now that its unequivocally been proven demonstrably false he still can’t admit the truth! What a loser!

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Bad ass

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GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE , so you voted TRUMP ? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
fucking troll


Seems like the people who snivel the most about thread derailments are the first to go off topic….

It’s not Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton or Pelosi or Ukraine, or anyone else for that matter. So back to the op.

The Willard hotel is about to become famous as the DC Watergate was also…

Bannon, by comments made on his Podcast the day before the January sixth attempt to overthrow American democracy, was instrumental in the attempt and possibly present in the Willard Hotel war room along with Roger Stone and others that we know were there the week before the capitol assault.

It was Bannon that told a pining and sulking president trump, it’s not over yet, you can still win this and explained the whole idea of Pence refusing to certify Georgia and a handful of other states on the sixth. Excited at the prospects Trump suddenly left Marlago skipping his party and came back to DC to fight the election results.

He told Pence that if he didn’t do this he was a pussy and is the reason that Trump and he aren’t friends anymore, sad I know…:wink:

People who know Trump well know he doesn’t do texting or email much, he pics up the phone and calls people and this is why the bipartisan Jan 6 committee wants his phone records and why Trump is shutting his pants and fighting to keep them from the committees scrutiny……

More to follow….