Bannon and Trumps team will NOT comply with subpoenas! Dems back down


You won’t have our personal data you traitors!
Now stop the steal put the real president back In office!

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Don’t worry. Trump will be back in office in another 2 weeks. We just need to wait 2 weeks and the lid will get blown off this thing…in another 2 weeks.

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I hope so… we might not have a country

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Look around it’s like a wrecking ball went through every City . Businesses closed , unemployment at record levels . Prices skyrocketing , big pharma making record profits , Congress getting sickening richer , and the Constitution is being eliminated page by page , article by article , Amendment by Amendment !!!

Lol, where’s this shit come from???

It’s going to happen.

This is beyond pathetic.

Trump lost. Why did he lose? Because he was a shitty president.

Accept it. Get over it. Move on.

To all you ignorant ass Trump trash…stop letting these shameless grifters take advantage of your stupidity.

Lol tds is real folks ha

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You are retarded beyond cognitive recognition. Can’t wait for you and your idiots to die off soon!

The party of “law and order” attempting to defy congressional subpoenas….imagine that….:roll_eyes:

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he lost in 2020 wait HE WON and the reason he won was Blacks supported him by 87 % so you like losing Hey well do not worry after the impeachment of Pervert Joe Biden Sluts Kamala Harris who lies about being black and her and Jill biden have started a VD epidemic
and Drunk Nancy Pelosi we have America POTUS Back President Trump is that your real pic, paint your Face Black so ya can get in the White-House daily sex organ, I do not have a pic because I am one of Hillary secret Russian Agents Ya Vol baby

Trump is a criminal. But, just like a criminal who has been caught he is trying to distract the public from his illegal activities by accusing all of the other parties of being the real criminals. When he says “the Democrats are the party of Crime” it is criminal libel.

You’re such a dumb ass, what crime is it now? KICKING YOUR FUCKING ASS IN 2016 and 2020?

Aww you poor baby… can’t win elections with out cheating? Awww

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