Banned videos archived

You may or may not agree with the contents, but the fact remains the rulers consider the information dangerous.

Always remember:

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Tbh, I could care even less if Youtube wants to ban or just delete videos from their platform. It’s a company (owned by Google), and they are free to do whatever they want.

There are numerous videos that will keep me entertained. And most of them are movies. So, myself being a movie buff, I could care less what they decide to do.

Because you fail to see the forest for trees.

Why are you in a political forum?
Just an entertainment?

Uh, that is not even close.

What does that even have to do with your OP?
My reason for being in a political forum is none of your business.

And being here is much more than “just entertainment”. Reading your “lack thereof” comments and posts entertains me. To just to see how ignorant you can really be. But of course, you would “fail to see the forest from the trees”. :roll_eyes:

You’re the one who said the New World Order was already defeated.
Go figure.

No, you misquoted to what I said. Don’t be that other doofus that was banned from here. I am sure you are much more “smarter” than he was.

Thanks mate! I heard about an archive site that was capturing all the banned content off YouTube but wasn’t sure of the name.

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I don’t know what you said verbatim.
Sorry about that.
What was your wording then?

Anyway, you thought a couple of Arabs with box cutters brought down three buildings in NYC with two planes.

Here is what I know…

I know that on 9/11, we saw planes that smashed into the Towers. I wasn’t there, but my family and I saw it unfold on live television. As for the plane, or planes, that crashed in the field in Shanksville. Then the planes hitting the Pentagon, I question them both.
I can’t say for certain - no matter how many videos there were about Shanksville and the Pentagon. Or even the reports that were coming out after the 9/11 Attacks - that the US was telling the “full story”. There are many pieces that are not being told - for obvious reasons. And there are reports that are now being “censored”.

All I can say, is I wasn’t there (in person) when those planes crashed into the Towers, or Shanksville. Or even the Pentagon.
I can say that, it was another “Pearl Harbor” that just happened. But minus Japan. I believe that the US orchestrated the attacks.

There is much more we all don’t even know…there are many things we will never will. For as long the US government denies and hides, we will never know the full truth.

Good find. Heard some talk about this as well. Wasn’t sure where to go. Thanks @Didgevillage

You were watching a faked video. There was no plane.
Obviously some advanced technology was used but what it exactly was, we still don’t know.

No. Israel did 911.