Bankruns are happening. Financial blackhole

I understand financial matters very little. Nonetheless, it appears to me that there’s something big happening in the banking world.

Contagion factor…
Nobody is safe (in the western world).
You can’t take any money from your bank (No more withdrawals) any more.

Just like Tucker said

The money as we know it in the west is a promissory note.
Such notes do not have any value per se.

The conspiracy theorists were right again.

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Yes something big is happening, there is definitely a recession that is on the way as some economists (notable ones too) that are sounding the alarm bells about, which is probably why they desperately need a war. The US will be 51 trillion dollars in debt within less than 10 years.

Bond and stockholders are wiped out!

Size of Bank failures since 2000!


Jim Stone’s take on bank failures

You need to have water (and/or water filter), rice, dried fruits
to get through for a few weeks.

It won’t last very long.

Bicycles instead of electric cars

I have been seeing this on the news and it’s most US financial that could affect other economies in the world. 2008 financial crisis again?

The markets are reacting!

We still don’t know the full effects.

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Bank, bond and dollar… everything is breaking down.
Raising interest rates was destructive.

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banking system flooded with BILLIONS in liquidity to DELAY total collapse

Mike Adams

I want to know what your opinion in this latest development is. Do you think this is part of a coordinated effort to collapse the US financial system? It seems really odd timing given the fact that the US is giving billions to Ukraine, allowing our southern border to be invaded, tensions rising with China, and now we have our financial system is in total meltdown.

Some say the phenomenon of the Biden shit show is a prelude to Trump’s return.

And the banking collapse is naturally the biggest shock within the US, and the Ukraine debacle the international shock.

The greatest wishful thinking:
Banking collapse will lead to a new, gold (silver) based, real financial system.
The Ukraine war will end the Khazarian drug and human trafficking and other nefarious activities.
The southern border crisis will lead a new North American union (of sorts) encompassing Canada, US and Mexico.
No war with China, just a lot of drum beating, eventually leading to the closing of US military bases throughout East Asia.
And the banking collapse is none other than the removal of bread and butter for the Khazarian mafia.

Wishing and thinking is not always bad, LOL


I agree with Didgevilliage. A return to the gold standard is needed. The fed needs to be abolished.

I don’t know anything about the Khazrian thing to have an opinion on it. I just know it’s time to go back to a proven finacial system based on what is actually there. This fiat system is a disaster.


The current financial crisis in the US is related to its foreign policies since 1960s
Alexander Mercouris
@55:00 or so

I just think that a rigged election is no coincidence for what we are witnessing now. Everything just seems too much of a orchestrated black swan event.


This could be nice but I don’t see it happening. What economies are not on the fractional lending system?