Banish ‘Bastion Of Bigotry’ Chick-Fil-A To The Basement, Says Kansas University Faculty Members

I’m thinking about this Chick-Fil-A nonsense.

When was the last time right-wingers removed lefties from their area?
Because that’s what this whole thing is about. It’s territorial.

Conservatives act like not pushing back is something to be proud of.
I don’t think it’s moral high ground at all I think it’s bad strategy.

I would love to see some town go out of its way to purge leftist bullshit as aggressively as possible. To have organizations like the ADL run out of town. This is the kind of news I want to see.

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Accurate post. The left pushed hard for decades to eliminate the concept of free association. Now the only type of association that we are allowed to have is the type that they approve of. It’s time to hold them to the same standards that they shackled the rest of us with.

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Notice how they have no fear of being called bigots themselves for their blatant anti-Christian discriminatory views and actions.

What a bunch of jerks. When Chik-Fil-A first came to NYC there were protests but guess what…all the gays who were bitching now stream in and out of the place because it’s clean, friendly, and delicious. The free market always wins.

I don’t know how you tolerate being a conservative in NYC. If I was surrounded by millions of libtards I would have evacuated by now.

Why should I leave? My family has lived here for generations. If we all just up and leave then they win. There are a lot of native liberals here in the city but the most outspoken ones are usually transplants from the West Coast or mid-West who call themselves New Yorkers. NYC was and is still a very conservative place in many sections. Just stay clear of the trendy areas.

Or load up on beans and take long elevator rides in the trendy areas… :wink:

There must be something very wrong with a restaurant company that closes on Sunday for employees to go to church and or enjoy family
time.This must be UNAMERICAN!!! I have seen CLEAN floors etc. And courteous staff at Chick Fil A and their commercials are great with the cows.
This another example of Liberal Lunacy on college campuses. If they have this much time on their hands, they could be doing better things like actually Educating students.


Well, you know how it is, if you need a chicken sandwich on Sunday and aren’t going to Chruch’s there’s always Popeye’s.

Well, not always, they occasionally run out of chicken sandwiches…

And when they do they get guns pointed at their faces.

I would like to see the commercial that lawyer put up that got him the job.

“Ted Twink, the Tennessee Tornado got me $45,000 because they ran out of free Wet Wipes to keep my kids safe and clean with. … I’m Ted Twink, the Tennessee Tornado, did you order a large fry and only get a medium? Did your burger where you said cut the onions come served finely minced? I’ll get you what you deserve!”

I wonder if it will end up being a class action lawsuit?

Anyone that does not recognize the lunacy of liberalism is either a liberal or a lunatic…oh, wait…they’re the same.

The Liberals are upset because watermelon, ribs and collard greens isn’t on the menu.