BAN ASSAULT VEHICLES AND STOP ILLEGALS! Deranged Hispanic Man Drove SUV Into Family After Soccer Match, Killing One and Injuring Four

Ol’ Prisiliano here looks like a filthy illegal scumbag who doesn’t belong in this country. I bet if these “journalists” did some actual reporting we would find out that this piece of shit was probably not supposed to be in this country in the first place. He probably ran over a family of illegals anyway, so who cares…but we shouldn’t be having any of these issues in this counry.

One man was killed and four people injured after a fight outside a sports complex in Waukegan, Illinois, ended with an SUV driver allegedly running over a family and fleeing the scene, authorities said.

Police chased down and arrested 22-year-old suspect Prisiliano Carranza in a traffic stop shortly after the deadly incident late Friday night.

Carranza faces charges of first-degree murder and is being held on a $5 million bond at the Lake County jail.

Officers initially responded to reports of a fight at the Lake County Sports Center parking lot at around 11:40 p.m., after a soccer match had just ended. Upon arrival, officers found multiple victims who had been struck by a vehicle.

“The incident escalated” with Carranza driving a “2010 GMC” into five victims, Waukegan Police Chief Wayne Walles said in a statement Saturday morning.

Police identified one of the victims as a man in his 40s who passed away from his injuries after being taken to a hospital. Two males in their 20s and a 10-year-old girl who were related to the man who died also suffered injuries, police said.

A fifth victim, another young man in his 20s who is not related to the other victims, was also struck by the SUV.

All of the young men were taken to an area hospital with moderate injuries and are expected to recover, said Walles. The girl was not transported to a hospital.

Carranza is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 29, police said.

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If my name was Prisiliano, I probably would have snapped a long time ago. What took this guy so long?

Sorry - where was the immigration status of the man mentioned in the article? I didn’t see it.

Another another wandering off the Asylum (cough cough) plantation!

How do you know that he isn’t an illegal?

We know because we aren’t stupid or naive. We are also really good at identifying completely degenerate illegal alien criminal activity, like running people over in their beat to shit SUVs because of some minor personal disagreement. It’s fairly common here now thanks to the left.

This is the lunatic left on the subject of Gun ban! A congresswoman acts like this and on a firing range of all places?

I have to meet an intelligent leftist here who can actually make a valid argument about anything and engage in a real conversation!