Bad judgement for a soldier

Why didn’t the guy just STFU after he was initially cleared? The bad judgement I refer to is his choice to bring it up in public again after being cleared.

As far as killing the suspected bombmaker… I wasn’t there, so I’m not so quick to judge. If Golsteyn’s logic was correct and the collaborators who helped us would have been killed… that is a damned hard decision. I’d want to hear more about how Golsteyn concluded the “bombmaker” was really a bombmaker.


He was taking an Agency polygraph would be my guess.

Killing these towel heads is why we sent the military there to begin with. What’s the problem?

Yeah but he got cleared after that. Then he brought it up again in a Fox interview.

No problem if the guy was a bomb maker… no problem except for the dilemma Golsteyn faced. I made that clear in the OP.

The problem that I posted about is that now he’s being charged with murder.

Who really gives a shit if he was a bomb maker or not?

I get that. Turning the US military into a bunch of feckless pussies one soldier at a time. Same as with cops.

Dude, that is so offensive to me.

I have a towel head every morning when I get out of the shower. Wrapping your head so the water in your hair is absorbed by the towel is an art, don’t ya know?

There are three S’s.



Shut the hell up.

Read it again. I don’t think so.

Yeah OK. Thanks

A military tribunal that probed the killing years ago initially cleared Golsteyn – but the investigation into him was re-opened after he spoke to Fox News’ Bret Baier.

Yet another travesty of justice. This case that has been bounced around since 2010! Unbelievable.

He should be given a medal, not facing the death penalty!

Major Golsteyn is charged with murder for not reading rights and offering a free lawyer to a terrorist bomb maker…before killing him on the battlefield. The suspected bomb maker was captured then released (by Obama rules) and later killed during combat operations in Marja.

You may be right. I read it to mean it came out when he told the CIA.

When is Obama getting charged with murder for using drones to kill terrorists without first reading them their rights?

Two of which were US citizens. One of which was a 16 year-old boy.