Back To School: Teachers Are Ready To Quit Rather Than Put Their Lives At Risk

Brave. So brave. These teachers were so eager to walk off to protest the “orange man” yet are ready to abandon their students. Good, these teachers should quit and let the more qualified in term of technical efficiency and spirit to take over.

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Good! Makes getting rid of the liberal Marxists out of our school system all the more easier! Good on them! There are plenty of willing able bodied teachers who are more than happy for an opportunity to fill their vacancies and BTW we can also get rid of the teachers union while we are at it!

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Then fire them and hire teachers who aren’t wusses.

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Time to clean house !!! These liberal snowflakes are offended by everything and protest everything . At one time teachers preached how important school was to children , not only for education but many more factors . Today liberals teach HATE and dumb liberal talking points . FIRE THE LOT .

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Think about all of those pensions that will never get paid out. I hope they all walk off the job.

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I can understand some not wanting to go back. Especially if they have family members at high risk at home.

Teachers now a day have to pitch in to buy supplies because so many schools are underfunded. Where is the money going to come from to sanitize constantly?

But the kids do have to go back to school so it is kind of a conundrum.

I wouldn’t mind remote learning if it can be pulled off better than it has been. Maybe two days a week in the class room for in person help but being tested every week to make sure they are negative before entering the classroom?

Anyone can be a teacher. I hope they quit in my town then I can get a job teaching. would like all those months off.

Been a teacher. Lawyers made it impossible to teach. Let em quite. Get jobs that pay well. Let the lawyers wring their grubby hands about home schooling.

Politicians will find a way to legislate mandatory teaching/school attendance. Oh, wait! They are already 50% there!

Home schooling only way to go.

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Not the teachers down here in Florida. They know there is a job to be done. In one county, teachers are leaving the profession because the money is not enough to afford the rising housing costs. But teachers who stay on the job aren’t afraid to do their job.

(Well, maybe Broward County might be the exception. Everyone laughs at that retard county.)


I heard a good one this morning: The Covid-19 virus is so worrisome that we need to release prisoners; yet so insignificant that we need to send our children back to school.

Go figure…

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The “man children” that we failed are more important than the future children that we will fail to raise anyway, such is leftist logic.

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Here’s one- politicians release thousands of criminals onto the streets because ACLU ambulance chasers would otherwise sue for lack of protecting criminals sufficiently. Teachers are afraid of covid and that the self important, grievance foraging children they indoctrinated may show them the same lack of respect or regard they encouraged toward other authority figures.

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Well no that certainly isn’t true. In most states the requirements for teacher certification are pretty stringent especially the background checks.