Baby Dead After Mother Rubbed Heroin On Her Gums to Get Her to Sleep

What the actual fuck.

Police have said that a mother killed her baby by rubbing heroin into the child’s gums to get her to sleep.

The mother, Kimberly Nelligan, 33, from Bangor, Maine, is alleged to have applied the drug around fifteen times to her infant daughter, Jodie.

Police say Nelligan applied the drug to Jodie as it had helped getting her older two children to sleep.

Yeah makes sense.

Since the death, Nelligan has confessed to using heroin herself once a week for two months before her daughter’s death, according to a police affidavit filed in court in Bangor.

She told police officers she snorted heroin, Bangor Daily News reports.

Speaking in court yesterday, District Attorney Marianne Lynch admitted the charges may be turn into murder counts as the investigation resumes.

“These are very serious, very difficult cases, and in some instances the law isn’t really designed to address issues like this,” the judge said.

“If things change at some point, there is still a possibility for other charges to come forward, but at this point these are the charges we are confident we can go forward with.”

Nelligan will next appear in court on November 12.

Imagine thinking doing this was a good idea.

Jodie was found dead on October 10 of 2018.

Test results showed that the infant had died from the toxic effects from fetanyl, a powerful narcotic used to cut and adulterate heroin.

Fetanyl is a potent painkiller which is prescribed for the severest forms of pain.

A recent batch of fetanyl from Mexico is so potent, a gram could potentially kill up to 500 people.

The opioid crisis has hit disaffected white Americans the hardest–overtaking car crashes as a higher risk of death.

If she gets a liberal judge he’ll just chalk it up to a late abortion and send her on her way .

Some women who can have babies don’t deserve them. Women who want a baby and will make amazing mothers, can’t have babies. So messed up.


She doesn’t appear to be grieving or remorseful in that mugshot at all. Do they still have the electric chair in Maine?

Something tells me that since she’s a modern liberated independent woman she will somehow not get charged with murder- or at least not with the maximum charge she could theoretically get charged with under the law… I can already tell by the way the prosecutors are talking in the article that they are busy hedging their bets, seeding their cucking, etc now…

This bullshit about “there’s really nothing in the law to cover complicated things like this”…

All this is just preparing the public opinion for when they let the cunt walk free sometime next year…

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Yep - my sister is one of those people. When I see news like this it makes me go ballistic. Her and her husband have been going through the adoption process for 2 years now. They were all set to adopt a baby in April but the birth mother changed her mind in the hospital. By June she was back on drugs and in jail. The baby they were set to get went to the state and is in foster care, but the mother doesn’t want to give it up despite looking at a 10 year sentence. It’s a cruel world.

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How much sicker does life have to be???

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IMO, the adoption process needs a radical overhaul. Were people vetted (as they are) and deemed fit, an infant (to adult) would be so much better off with people ready, willing and able to provide so much more than the State or an unfit mother ever could

I am so very sorry for what your sister is going through. I truly wish her and her husband the best and hope in the near future you will be a proud Uncle. :heart:


Really sorry to hear about what your sister and your family are going through. That is gut wrenching.


What I said; each day, my list of reasons for Public Crucifixion grows larger.

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On what planet does anyone think that putting HEROIN on your child’s gums is a good idea? This woman is nothing but the lowest of throw white trash. I hope she gets what’s coming to her in prison.

Maine used to be a great place. Then the jobs left and then the drugs took over. Now it’s only old people who are deeply rooted there, drug addicts, and imported Africans.

Ok, that judge needs to be run off. Not designed to address issues like this? Bullshit. It’s called murder dumbass. Charge her with 2nd degree murder and keep the slime in prison for life so she can’t hurt any more kids. What the hell is wrong with these morons? Both the judge AND the woman need a beat down.

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