Ayanna Pressley sends her thugs to attack two black republicans. Savage video, warning

Donnie Palmer, who is running for Congress against Ayana Presley, showed up to protest with a gentleman called Shawn Nelson another black republican, who is gay. We’re viciously attacked. Donnie Palmer, is wearing the dress shirt and dress pants and is a professional boxer. You will see Nelson at the end savagely, beaten.

These attacks on black republicans must end.

Reaction from Donnie Palmer:

SHAWN NELSON … a conservative gay
black man was savagely beaten up today in Somerville. These thugs are supporters of Wu and PRESSLEY … He was protesting the murder of the 18 year old who was killed for supporting Trump , when this happened .Democrats are the Domestic terrorists! #dorchesterdonniepalmer #donniepalmer4congress #DonniePalmer #MA7 #Trump

Too bad they thumped your gay partner … :rofl:

Don’t bash how you identify

Ayanna Presley is a disgrace to the office of Congresswoman. She is a radical lunatic who spouts off conspiracy theories and ridiculous claims without any evidence to back them up. She is also constantly stirring up drama and division instead of working towards productive solutions. Furthermore, she has a history of making insensitive and offensive comments that show she is completely out of touch with her constituents. It is clear that she is more interested in serving her own agenda than actually representing the people she was elected to represent. For these reasons, she should be removed from office as soon as possible.

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I know Donnie Personally… he’s a good guy changed his life around, been shot before. Woke up and is now a Republican…

I don’t trust anyone with the “wuz a gud boi dun turnt hiz life uhround” story.

It was a typical day on the campaign trail for Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley. She was shaking hands, giving speeches and kissing babies. But something caught the eye of one of the reporters covering her campaign. They saw her giving handjobs to homeless men in a park near the city hall.

When asked about it, she claimed she was just trying to help the homeless men out. She said that they often don’t have access to proper health care or hygiene products, so she was doing what she could to help them out.

The controversy surrounding her handjob giving only helped her campaign as she won by a landslide in the next election.


Looks staged.

Fake News.


I wish low IQ was 20 letters