Axios: “White people must die for America to become a thriving nation”

Basically the future of America is that we’ll be completely written out of its history. Everything great about America will be because of Brown, Black, Muslim, and ■■■■■■ people. George Washington and friends will cease to exist. Constitution never existed. We will be declared “enemies of the state” and violence against us will be justified.

We are already at this point. Let them play this game. The fact is there is no future America without white people. Just ask Brazil or South Africa. They have both gone down this very road.

I dont’ see anyone denying our diverse racial makeup except a few extremist nuts.

The “brown people” aren’t going anywhere so we can surrender to the left or start converting more and more of them to the conservative side.

The only alternative is civil/race war which would destroy the nation.

Throughout history there have been brilliant people from every race & culture; but ( BUT ! ) by far, whites have been miles & miles ahead of the pack. It’s known as in stone irrefutable documented history. Just the truth. It was Carnegie Steel; it was not Mogambo Whambuti Steel. Like that; and I have a few more. I did not see an African whose ancestors roamed the savannahs catching bugs to eat, create General Foods.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But to be fair & balanced, Vivien Thomas & Charles Drew were two of thee most brilliant people of the century. I’m sure there are many other non whites in their league. Many pioneers had very humble beginnings.

I’m ( I guess ) technically white; but my father’s great grandmother was an Eastern Indian; and my mother’s great grandmother was from India. That being said, do I deserve more perks than, I’m 1 millionth Indian, Warren? I may have been the subject of discriminations my entire life, and wasn’t even aware. Perhaps I’ll jump on the Affirmative Action wagon, and be handed a few degrees, simply for existing.

Not at all true. The earliest major advances in engineering, math, geometry etc came out of Africa, mostly Egypt.

Egyptians and Africans were building some of the most complex and magnificent structures on earth while Europeans were still living in caves and mud/twig huts.

The first use of anti bacterials documeted was in Egypt as well.

Well, what happened? Now I’m scared; since if a single advanced civilization can just flounder, it can happen to any civilization. Oh wait, it is happening. Nothing like a trip back to the Stone Age. South Africa comes to mind; among others.

A lot happened. Most of Africa never made it out of the tribal phase and still hasn’t.

I think the main thing that helped Eurpeans advance was the fact the had to band together to survive the cold and the advancements in metallurgy and transportation that allowed them to dominate the world for most of the last 2000 years.

Africa was far behind when it comes to learning to live cooperatively and so far behind in metallurgy that when the Europeans moved in en force it was easily conquered.

South, central, and Meso America never made it out of the copper age prior to European settlement but they too were building pyramids and great cities a thousand years before Europeans.

Curiously there is also no evidence that the wheel was independently developed and used for transportation or engineering in the New World either prior to European conquest but there are examples they used them as toys.

The lack of large draft animals and horses was also a huge problem in both most of Africa and the new world as well.

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Well, the wheel is a given. When beer ( the art of brewing ) was first discover, there were no bottles or cans; and beer was distributed from the places it was brewed. The wheel was a necessity to get people to the beer. The beginning of drunk driving.

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Seriously; I do believe advanced civilizations may have come & gone; and left no trace of their existence. Time & pressure is all it takes.

We mustn’t overdo ourselves in pessimism. The story of Chicken Little and the Sky is Falling has been around in one form or another for thousands of years.

Much more often than not, Liberals are the grave diggers. How I see it; whoever can do the job best, should get the job. Yow, what a concept. Shit like Affirmative Action hands positions to “thee” most unqualified. Grandma Vilula always said; Ya can’t shine shit". The big problem with Affirmative Action is, sooner or later you must step into the real world. But with AA, when you realize you are not qualified, well, then comes the Liberal catch all: DISCRIMINATION.

Affirmative Action and the American Mind: If Any, by Fred Reed affirmative - action -and-the-american-mind-if…

From Fred Reed at “Affirmative action” means hiring people because they can’t do the job well. Near-synonyms are “diversity,” meaning groups that cannot do the job well, and “inclusiveness ,” which means seeking people who you know cannot do the job well.

I think there’s very strong evidence of that myself.

It seems the more advanced we become the more disposable everything becomes.

Think about it. If our civilization were wiped out tomorrow just how much of what we’ve built would still be around in 10, 20, 50 thousand years?

With dependence on electronic devises, a lot of knowledge would be lost as well.

I wonder what archeologists would portray our society to be in 10 to 50 thousand years from now. :face_with_monocle:

There will be so little evidence of it remaining who knows. Even steel reinforced concrete will turn to dust in in a thousand years or so.

50,000 years; probably gold & Twinkies.

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The conclusion will be that we were rich, fat, and lazy!

I believe honey has an unbeatable shelf life; so Twinkies made with honey could conceivably last forever. Just brush off the dust & you’re good to go. Maybe add a little water ( if there still is drinkable water ).

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