Awesome Moments in Forgotten Films!

Here are a few off the top of my head, what are yours?

Michael Cimino’s “The Sicilian”

I couldn’t find youtube segments I was looking for, but here is the entire movie…free on youtube

Michael Cimino made Deer Hunter and Heavens Gate and some other great movies, with incredible detail and cinematography. He made Hollywood and Media enemies, because of he didn’t care what the Hollywood executives said and Hollywood establishment hated him.

This one was “forgotten,” but was an amazing, hard core masterpiece that needs repeated views to appreciate. Based on the true story of the Robinhood of Sicily. The book that followed The Godfather series.

Lot’s of people never saw this. And towards the end of shooting, the studio sabotaged it.

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I remember when this film came out. Christopher Lambert was gaining cult status after the commercial success of “Highlander” and Greystoke “Tarzan”. I only saw parts of this movie but have forgotten it altogether. I wonder what ever happened to Lambert and why we don’t see him in movies anymore?

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Another mostly unknown Michael Cimino film few know about…A home invasion thriller. Cimino built an entire house, to film seamlessly in every room with amazing tracking Most of this scene is outdoors. Hollywood hid all his films after he bankrupted United Artists with Heaven’s Gate,

This film came in on budget. Great “smaller” Cimino film.

“Desperate Hours” 1990.

Yeah Heavens Gate was a tough one for me. What about that film that compels you to like it?

It was tough when I first saw it. Most people saw the theater version the studio chopped to pieces and released. The intended length of movie was more than twice as long.

The cinematography and panning techniques were legendary. The outrageous roller skating barn dance scene went on forever, like the wedding scene in Deer Hunter. The choreography of the action scenes and detail of everything put people to sleep on first viewing.

I remember months before the movie came out–before anyone had even seen it—there was a long hate article in the Calendar section of the LA Times, excoriating the movie sight unseen, All of Hollywood tried to destroy the film. There was no boxoffice.

There are complicated Political reasons. Cimino was a conservative and had complicated views and the film was showing the plight of European immigrants and how they were murdered by the deepstate…the long Harvard graduation scene in the beginning is incredible.–another freaky dance scene. It was anti-elite. Harvard refused to let him film there so Cimino moved filming to Oxford but still was supposed to be Harvard.

The Hollywood elite hated him. What did he have on them?

I still have trouble watching the 4 hour version but have marveled at it, if in the right mood.

Critics hated Lambert in this. Cimino wanted him and he fought for him to be in it. Like other Cimino films he pissed off establishment. Cimino was a Kubrick fan but learned Cinema as he went. he was very visually oriented. In most every case I fell asleep too and much later saw what he was doing and then realized how great a filmmaker he was. Nowadays most critics even praise Heaven’s Gate.

To watch a Cimino movie, you have be wide awake and watching intensely.

Speaking about being visual my favourite or one of my favourite directors is Terrance Malik. He is all about less dialogue and allowing the Camera to speak. I will have to check more into Cimino to see what you are referring to.

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A lot of great wisdom in these interviews! Awesome! I especially love the part “I am not a teacher, or a preacher, I am a reacher!”

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Here is another another forgotten film which is excellent!

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This particular horror film has been considered a classic by many critics. It is a roll a coaster ride.

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