Austria and Polygamy

Talking about bizarre! Contrary to Austrian law an Afghan married two junkies in one ceremony at a Masque id Austria. Supposedly the groom used drugs to bait his victims. Read Story truly a crazy bit of news!

They must be laughing their heads off at us.

No different than the Mormons in the US.

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What? Is that for me?

Mormons are not allowed to have multiple wives under church doctrine, and this has been the case since 1892. (For a portion of the 1800s, this may not have been the case.) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints views polygamy as grounds for excommunication. And of course, polygamy is also illegal under US law.

I don’t know why any man would want two wives - one’s enough. :woozy_face:

For breeding purposes.

That’s why Muslims take on so many wives. It’s a way to rapidly grow their religion and is particularly effective after they are invited in by Western governments. In effect, it is no different than a massive, global-level cockroach or rodent infestation.

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They use our laws against us. We all know it and we let them get away with it.

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The men of Austria need to stand up for the women and girls of Austria. How can they look themselves in the mirror?

Sounds like every man needs to stand up, instead of one or two here and there.

You got it in one! :+1:

A bit like Roman Catholics when you think about it; it’s why the Catholic church is so stupendously wealthy.

What do you think they should do then?

Take heart; remember, Small Pox was more or less eradicated. There’s always hope.

A lot about Catholicism that irks me; but polygamy is not one of my irks. If Christianity were like Islam, then churches would promote multiple wives to increase the number of members.