Aussie Blair Cottrell Arrested and Fined for Incitement to Criticize Muslims

The authorities are calling him a state security risk. PayPal closed his account. His bank closed his account without explanation.

A legion of femoid prosecutors led the charge against him.


Heard about this earlier. This dude is based and has been a one man wrecking ball against Islamic extremism in Australia. He’s going to jail because multiculturalism is the law and “diversity groups” are protected from criticism by the state. It’s insane and it’s exactly what will happen here if we lose the 1st Amendment.

He’s right though…

So he was found guilty of blasphemy/wrongthink against his social masters. Well done Australia.

Blair Cottrell does damage to serious nationalists, to be honest. He makes himself look like a fool, and in turn gives the left ammunition to use against regular every day Australians who have legitimate concerns about immigration, sovereignty and other conservative values.

The truth is that he’s just not eloquent enough. He comes across as a maladjusted meathead, because that’s exactly what he is. He served time for stalking his ex-girlfriend, ultimately breaching an AVO and confronting her new boyfriend and threatening to kill him with an axe. Not only is he his own worst enemy, he’s the enemy of every conservative Australian because he makes us all look like a bunch of inarticulate retards.

And the 2nd don’t forget! The reason the Australian Government is doing this is because they have no fear of reprisals! Remember they confiscated all citizens rights to have arms!

Indeed. We cucked hard on that one.

Islamophobia is illegal in Canada also. Hate speech laws. Ireland too. Things do not look well for regular people who try and fight.