Attorney General William Barr orders first federal executions in nearly two decades

  • The federal government will resume executing death row inmates after nearly two decades without doing so, the Department of Justice announced Thursday.
  • Attorney General William Barr directed the Bureau of Prisons to schedule the executions of five inmates convicted of murder and other crimes. The executions have been scheduled for December 2019 and January 2020.
  • The Supreme Court outlawed state and federal death penalty laws in the 1972 decision Furman v. Georgia. The federal death penalty was reinstated in 1988, and expanded by Congress in 1994. No federal executions took place, however, until 2001, according to to the Bureau of Prisons website.

The only problem I’ve with this is these criminals have been living for all these years when they could have been pushing up the daiseys years ago.

Well, for their sakes I hope that they’ve accepted Christ as their savior, otherwise death is only the beginning (yep, I just quoted The Mummy).

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Long overdue. If the Democrats want to make space in prison so badly let’s help them out before the 2020 election.


From what I’ve read it costs more to keep a person on death row than to just keep them in general population.

Quite frankly, a day without hope, walking around never knowing if you’re going to be beaten or raped and knowing you have another decade or several to live like that is a more just punishment than the escape that death offers them.

The death penalty is bullshit because of how pitiful our justice/penal system is. It’s wrought with errors and shortcomings. You can’t resurrect inmates wrongly executed.

It’s about time. If guilty of murder, drug trafficking, human trafficking, treason and repeat offenses for theft and assault. Execution is the only solution.

These are Cases that have exhausted all their judiciary appeals not ones waiting for a judicatory reprieve!

I would like to think that Barr is setting the table for all the treasonous Marxists that need to hang in the public square for betraying their country!

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Long past time. This is one method of emptying the prisons I approve of.

At the federal level it’s much more expensive since all or nearly all of them will be kept in super max prisons in essentially solitary confinement.

Prisons are only economical when the volume per guard increases to the point just below where they become dangerous to the guards and uncontrollable.

Prison is not supposed to be pleasant in any way or the biggest contributor to the “deterrence” is lost.

Take a look at prison conditions to our south and compare them to the US. Where would you want to be if you ended up in prison?

I think my stance was I’d rather see a person live out their lifetime in hell then to be given a pass from it via death. Which doesn’t mean I am not for the death penalty.

I did not realize that about Federal prison. In that case, I’m happy to see the executions start rolling once again.

Well, they may want to make space … just not for them personally as too many likely deserve.

When there is a death penalty case in court, we should be sure to the best of our ability, the accused is guilty. When a death penalty crime is committed, it affects alot of people.
A lot of these crimes weren’t committed by choir boys or boy scouts. Most have been cold-blooded killers. Lets take into consideration the victims family sorrow and grief when these heinous crimes are committed. Its about tine we stand up for Victims Rights fir a change.

To me it’s simply perfect symmetry. You commit murder, you forfeit your life.

We all put the value on our own lives, and they chose badly.

Line em up and begin assembly line type executions.