Asteroid shock: NASA warns of ‘100 percent’ chance of asteroid impact

:roll_eyes: Nah, I reckon it’ll ‘skim’ past us like these space rocks always do - every bloody day it seems? :rofl:

What a waste of money.
Communist threat, terrorist threat, asteroid threat, and then guess what?
Just like von Braun said.

I can’t wait for the next asteroid. Society has become nearly useless. No longer do we excel, but merely try to keep breath in our lungs and live happily without concern for tomorrow. We watch the masses feed on loads of lies and bull crap just to keep entertained with meaningless arguments. We can’t even convince a section of the population that they are either male or female. Are people actually this stupid? I want to see raw numbers that aren’t politically motivated.

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DO NOT WORRY… Captain Marvel will show up from her LGBTQ conference and fly through it saving the day!!!

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The last time she let the asteroid hit her ass. Now look at it!


Awaiting the obligatory Buzzfeed article - “10 Ways Asteroids are a Tool of the Patriarchy”

I really hope it comes this way. In order of preference, my targets are:

  • Anywhere on the West Coast
  • DC
  • Anywhere in the Middle East
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Europe, cuz fuck them too.

I hope those black women in “Hidden Figures” at NASA can save us.

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— What do you think of Flushing, New York?

— Yeah, that’s a good idea.

“Here’s Ned, live on the scene where an asteroid hit Cleveland yesterday.”

“Not really seeing the difference, Ed.”

This isn’t at all shocking, there has always been a 100% chance of another asteroid impact.

I believe that this wall-to-wall ‘space crap’ is one of the forms of dumbing down; it’s designed to divert the minds of a certain demographic (think TWR and Samm) away from world events, and especially to cover up political incompetence. That demographic is so busy believing NASA and the other space agencies’ drivel that they overlook real news.

Yes, but it might be in ten thousand years time - so what the fuck is the point of reminding us every bloody day??

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Ask the OP, he’s the one in a panic.