Aspects of Freedom - Urban and Rural

My nearest neighbor these days is a mile down the county road and I live in a town of less than 80 people with no post office and one commercial business (the gas station).

Until the age of 14, I lived on Army and Air Force bases or the larger cities right outside the gate, and in large metropolitan areas until I was 22, so I’ve had my fair share of both worlds.

I contend that there are more freedoms enjoyed out here in the country than compared to the city, while the city lifers enjoy more material liberties than compared to the country.

For example, in the country, I can:

Pee off my front porch.
Shoot guns off my back porch.
Raise livestock.
Explode things.
Throw loud parties.
Build bonfires in my yard.
Let my dogs run wild.

What say you? Are there freedoms that you enjoy in the city that you can’t enjoy out in the country?

I have lived in a city of 10 million and outside a “town” of less that 100.

Why do you think you can do those in the rural area? What’s different?

Why do I think it’s that way? Privacy, People, and backdrop.

There’s a few hundred million people with ideas different than mine though, and I genuinely can’t think of anything I have the freedom to do in a city that I can’t do out in the country.

In my case, I give up some conveniences for a relative absence of government.

I gain freedom from intrusion.

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Absence of government. What a nice phrase.

I find your #1 adorable. You are such a “guy” and I love it.

As to the other, to each their own. Some people want to see plays, restaurants at the ready. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

Some are fortunate enough to have both.

Were I personally give a choice of one or the other? I’d choose country any day of the week.

“Elbow Room”.

If people can’t see or hear what you are doing they’ll generally stay out of your business and mind their own.

The more densely packed people are the more irritating they become to one another and the quicker tempers flare.

Sounds like a dream.

Even if my neighbors were only across the driveway from me, I could still do all the things listed in the OP (except maybe peeing in front of them).

Only to the point it became an irritation to them at which point you either end up in direct conflict or constantly explaining your actions to the police/judge.

Conflicts increase with proximity, it’s just human nature.