AS America listends to all the excuse of the Biden Administartion whats NEXT

First comments are blame Trump then an early December call, Rochelle Walensky, director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, greeted a weary staff facing an ominous new chapter in the pandemic response.

The Omicron variant was spreading rapidly, she said, leading to increases in cases and hospitalizations — an indication that the U.S. was in for another difficult winter. And employees of the agency’s pandemic response team, some of whom have worked on the CDC’s Covid-19 efforts since January 2020, had reached their breaking point. Pervert Joe Biden and Fauci said the Covid 19 virus will be gone 1/20/2021. A bad Political mistake?

Will they ever run out of excuses!!! How many can they make up or will the media do it for them. They can’t blame Trump, he has been out of office almost a year.

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Didge says he’s still president operating remotely. Biden’s just a prop….:thinking:

It’s true, Biden is a prop.

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Then why continue to blame him….:thinking:

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