Armed protest happing right now out side Ohio capital building! Hell yea

Stay safe boys, protest peacefully and patriotically


These guys have so much fire power in there their baggy jackets are packed with weapons wow

People need to think strategically

what do you think the end goal of this action is?? what are the potential downsides?! and what are the potential positives?? this doesn’t seem like a wise action to me.


What would you have them do at this point? What do you think would have any meaningful message/outcome? It’s too bad that this is what this country has come to, but we all knew it would get to this some day… that day is here.

I live in Ohio. DeWine is a POS RINO.

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I think any time you can walk around with the second amendment is a positive.

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hahahaha keep it up…this will tie the rebooblicon party to white far right wing terrorists…
you will lose the middle of your party and may never recover…the middle will never accept
this…many will go to jail and many may die…but the country will never accept insurrection
and destroying our government…never…but just go ahead and see…


The party is already lost. They no longer represent those of us with real Republican/Conservative values.

The Democrat party is also lost. It’s been taken over by radical Progressive Communists. The disenfranchised from both parties need to come together and fix this country.


Country is gone, Biden is going to let caravan after caravan of illegals to come here and give them voting rights…

It’s over , we have absolutely no country if cheating Democrats take over


Definitely stuck between a rock and a hard place not claiming I have the answers

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If you don’t use it you lose it I get that as a foreigner looking in it probably looks more shocking to me than it does to you guys

You add nothing to the conversation why don’t you just fuck off?? What are you trying to achieve??

I’m in the birth place of liberty and independence, almost impossible to have a gun or form a militia.

I do t see hope when the law have fallen to the deep state

What, in your opinion, would be wise?

As you know from previously discussed in private messages I believe you guys need a new political leader.(Donald Trump is currently too divisive thanks to the media) In the current political climate I honestly believe there is enough people on the centre of the political spectrum from the left and the right that can see the democrats and the republican party are completely corrupt to their core and are not working to the best interests to the American public I believe for one political cycle you guys need the vote for a anti-corruption party. And between now and the next election you need to put pressure on your local politicians to resolve the issues that led to corruption fraud at your recent elections

The republican party turned on Donald Trump and before that the democratic party turned on Bernie Sanders neither of the established political parties in America will allow a populist into government again because that would negatively effect their special interest groups

These are just some of my ideas and obviously need to be ironed out but I do not believe voting democrat or republican will get you out of this mess

Like I previously said in a message above I am not the guy with all the answers and I’m more than aware of that

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My advice is to do the OPPOSITE, no more of these armed protests etc

I would advise to go underground in the immediate but then to return overground with the specific purpose of INFILTRATING The Enemy.

PRETEND you are a Leftist, PRETEND you are a RINO and then in added numbers the intention is to rot both from within.

The crowd in Ohio and other places should know that ZERO positive comes from these protests, when you have so many RINOs like Mike DeWine for eg they will side with the rest of The Enemy against Patriots.

We already know that the Republican Party have been INFILTRATED by Leftists or at least those who share some political and social philosophy with the Left, years ago Rightists should have INFILTRATED the Left and this is what should happen now.

Several years ago I Infiltrated several Left-Wing groups, others I know have also Infiltrated Left-Wing groups. I even know some actual local “Democrat” politicians who are in reality Rightists PRETENDING to be “Democrats” and the mask will come off when the proper SHTF.

In EVERY city, in EVERY State INFILTRATE Left-Wing groups and organisations, get on ballots and get elected to the local Government etc


Zappa …

Where did your video go?

Don’t go there.
It’s a Dem/Zionist/DeepState setup.

All the so-called planned “Protests” are a set-up, The International Globalists who comprise those you already mention @Didgevillage plus others are running the operations.

I heard the FBI have said they need to investigate the backgrounds of all these 20,000 National Guard Troops aka Fodder For The International Globalists as they say they can’t be sure if any Patriots are in those 20,000 and of course Patriots apparently are planning an “attack”

I read this as The Deep State are possibly planning the ACTUAL attack which then will be blamed on Patriots and used as another excuse to crackdown more on Free Speech, Civilian Rights etc

That entire set up in DC with all the barriers and all the razor wire and The Red Zone and The Green Zone etc The International Globalists intend THAT to be PERMANENT, DC will be a PERMANENT No-Go Zone for the population.

They HATE the population and they FEAR the population because what they have planned for America and the population is so HORRIFIC and EVIL they KNOW there will be a MASSIVE REVOLT of tens of MILLIONS when they finally unveil their horrific and evil plans.

They need to have a Safe Zone where they KNOW NO members of the population can get to them as they unleash Hell on America and with that Hell on ALL of Western Civilization.


I’m a Independent have been for a long time…I do agree with some of which you say…The Indepedent
party could be a uniter going forward…many that belong were not happy with where they were…

I don’t agree with the idea that the Democratic Party is taken over by Communists…that may be your view but it’s not true…The Dem. party is progressive why because since r.reagan the ball has swung way to far to the rich and big corporations…massive redistribution of wealth and little concern
for the inability of 1/3+ of the population to survive with no real increase in income since…There’s massive evidence to the above…

The problem is republicans view everything they don’t agree with as socialism…which it isn’t…the rich and the big corporations are the recipients of massive socialism since Reagan…trillions and trillions$$$$ have been funneled into their pockets…and there’s massive evidence for that…