Armageddon Is that the future?

If you thought Bolton was bad - his replacement may be worse - and Trump is talking abt a security pact with Israel FFS?

Do you think a nuclear war is winnable?

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We’ve had a mutual security pact with Israel for decades even to the extent of putting them under our nuclear umrella.

Once again you prove you are a Totally clueless WankeR.

Under a mutual defense framework, allies agree to join each other’s military efforts when one side comes under attack. The U.S. maintains several such agreements — with the members of NATO and with Japan, for example — but has no such formal treaty with Israel

Israel did 911.
Israel did Fukushima.
Israel (almost) did Hawaii — Remember the nuke panic in Hawaii, January 2018?

Nothing good ever comes out of a partnership with this Gog and Magog state.

And this is what they want now.

Remember history. It was British prime minister Chamberlain’s guarantee to Poland that started World War II. The idiot British lost control over their own policy and gave it to a crazed and irresponsible Polish military dictatorship.

The attack on the Saudi oil fields that Trump and Israel are blaming on Iran is almost certainly an attack by Israel. The attack is being used to start a war with Iran.

Jim Stone says:
Iran’s smallest cruise missile has approximately a 290 pound warhead. If an Iranian cruise missile hit those tanks (as some have claimed) the hole would be approximately as far across as 5 of those cars if the tank was robustly built, and more if it was not. AND IF there was no additional explosive effects provided by the fuel in the tank. The entire story line for the refinery attack is an obvious hoax. There’s no way a 290 pound warhead hit that tank.

Bottom line:
Another Zionist false flag.

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“Iran has launched an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply,” declared Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

”according to The New York Times, some targets were hit on the west side, pointing away from Iraq or Iraq as the source. ”
(Probably a typo for Iran.)

Which country sits west of the targets (and has been implicated in all sorts of false flags)?

Who did damage to your brain? :roll_eyes:

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Why do you think someone who is only telling the truth has brain damage? If you want a list of other truths - let me know.

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Brain-damaged people think Iran is their enemy.
Little do they know their real enemy is much closer to home.

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2017 dumbass.

What Trump is now proposing is a NATO like alliance for the US and allied countries in the gulf region of which Israel would be a part.

Bullshit, there’s not a shred of evidence to support that lie.

It’s a false flag as usual.
The fire was extinguished on the same day, and production is back by the end of the month.

Wasn’t it the greatest calamity that ever hit a refinery?

Nothing in your article supports the claim it was a “false flag”.

Iran has already been identified as being behind the attacks which were carried out by the Houthis.

It’ll be winnable for the country that strikes first.

What, like it was Russia that was ‘identified’ as hacking the president election; and it was identified that Saddam Hussein had WMD? And it’s Assad who ‘murders his own people’? Get a bloody grip ffs?? This is the era of fake news, in case you haven’t noticed?

It is not Iran’s strategy to “win”.

Their strategy is to cause maximum damage to attacker, so that the attacker will think twice.
Exactly the same strategy held by Switzerland throughout its history and it works.

No use talking to someone who has the brain damaged by fluorides.

Russia never “hacked the election” that’s just another lie from the democrats.

It can’t be shown that even a single vote was changed by anything the Russians did or did not do.

If that’s the case they have badly miscalcutlated because it is Iran who will pay such a grievous price so that they’ll never again be able to strike beyond their own borders.