Aristocracy Will Return

True aristocracy, the rule of the noble, will return, because it’s the natural state of human existence. We’re all born as dumb, ignorant and useless children who need leadership by those, who are better than us. This will become the principle for every layer of society again, so everyone can pursue the struggle of overcoming himself/herself. Those at the top have to overcome themselves without leadership, which is the highest art of self improvement. Only ideals/gods guide them. Right now, social status is determined by material goods, which can be stolen or achieved through betrayal. Honour and a noble character however have to be individually achieved. You cannot steal courage or honesty or industriousness or loyalty or strength or hospitality etc. Virtues can not be achieved in dishonest ways. Anything but true aristocracy leads to degeneration and weakness. The gods will return and reconquer this weak world with ease, do your best and contribute your part in the battle.

Welcome here Sven. Interesting thesis…

Okay, so that’s all well and good.

But allow me to play devil’s advocate to test how much you have thought this through.

You say that aristocracy is the natural order and I agree. In fact we live under an (((aristocracy))) today.

You also suggest that society would be better off if honorable, noble, courageous, honest, industrious, loyal, and strong aristocrats would lead us into an era of peace and prosperity for all. And again, no argument from me on that particular scenario.

But, just because someone is born into a ruling family does not guarantee that they will hold any of these characteristics. An aristocrat born into a wealthy house may well be a self absorbed, arrogant, little cunt who will squander his wealth and ruin the people whom he rules.

Furthermore, if an aristocrat is assured that he may rule indefinitely, he may pursue policies that enrich himself at the expense of the peasantry. More worrisome still, he may employ the same tactics that the jews use to rule over the peasantry. Namely, the forced racial mixing and “multiculturalism” that is intended to neutralize the nationalistic spirit of the population and destroy our ability to revolt.

These are some potential pitfalls to resurrecting “true” aristocracy that you must contend with.

Capitalism and the Bourgeoisie already disarticulated much of the aristocracy worldwide, but they must cease to exist as a class, as well. They are a pre-capitalist class, even less developed and even worse than capitalism.

Private Property will be one of the things abolished by the proletarian revolution.

And with it so will most of the ‘standard of living’ convenience and advancement most of the proletariat take for granted… Of course, if AI takes over the world then we really won’t have to worry about your soulless ideology… androids will serve their masters with all the discipline of an army and all of the love of a rock…welcome to the Borg…the pre-android class proletariat even less developed and worse than communism.

So what is going to replace it? Communism? Yeah ok! :rofl:

A virtuous meritocracy achieved by individual effort might be good, but recall that “men are not angels.” Until paradise arrives, personal responsibility, private property, individual virtue, and social support of excellence is probably the best we can do…and often we do much much less.

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