Are You Paying Attention Yet?

If anybody was on the fence or in denial about who Soros is and what his intent has always been such as destroying America, then this should give you pause, that is if you have a soul. What is missing is the irony that Soros lives in America and enjoys the privilege of living in the greatest country there ever was yet he hates America so much that he is willing to see it destroyed from within all because he has a God complex. One thing is for sure, if there is a hell, depending on what religious view you prescribe to, then there will be a special place awaiting George Soros for all the destruction he has cause throughout the course of his life!


Can’t wait for that bastard to die ,die die !!!

The old freaking prune is still hanging around like a bad last call!

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Evil people like him always live long lives and the good die young.

Trump will be 140 then……:joy:

And Biden , Obozo , will be 250 .

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