Are we practicing (unwittingly) an age-old Muslim ritual?

When we drink coffee, that is.
Or maybe Buddhist ritual as the case may be.

I recall it took a Papal edict to make drinking coffee “kosher” in Europe after it was introduced to Europe (by way of Vienna) by the Turks.

Is there any serendipity in your world Didge. Or is every aspect of life contrived, controlled, manipulated, and of nefarious origin. And what kind of life must you live? Do you have any ambitions, goals, hopes dreams and purpose in life. Set down and enjoy a hot cup of fresh coffee and let go of the stress…:sunglasses:

Welcome to the world.

I have too many of them.

That’s what a Zen master said, albeit it was tea.

You occupy a very alternate reality…

I’m a supertaster and coffee is way to bitter for me to drink. Luckily there are many great teas available.


Arabs don’t drink coffee with milk.
Instead they use cardamom seed (which you can easily find at a supermarket near you) and and it gives a unique taste to coffee. Mud coffee, so-called, is made by boiling coffee powder for a few minutes and drunk from a very small cup. But to my taste, Arabs make their coffee too sweet.

Moroccans like to use mint in their tea, which again is made very sweet

If Arabs cannot make tea or coffee correctly after all these years of their existence this is further proof they cannot be trusted

I like to use Jameson in mine. :wink: