Are UKIP a real alternative to Labour and the Conservatives

I personally would not piss on either Jeremy COMMUNIST Corbyn or Theresa TREASONUS May if they were on fire and I happen to be at a queue for a urinal


They will only be a real alternative if the great unwashed realise they have been played by the 2 party system they have had so much faith in forever. If the Newport West By Election is any indication the bulk of the electorate haven’t twigged yet that both Labour and Cons are puppets in one of the most elaborate stage shows to give the plebs a feeling of democracy. A baton change now and again to keep both sets of supporters satisfied and dissatisfied in equal measure keeps the illusion alive and well.

For all my political scepticism I’m a UKIP member, a sort of each way bet ! Although my real feeling is we are done politically without a proper revolution.

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The British people have been consistent throughout- we voted for Brexit and that means a “No deal”. Ever since that vote, the majority of British people have consistently supported a “No Deal” The lying traitorous scumbag politicians have been consistent throughout- they want to remain and are still lying to us over Brexit and their plans. VOTE UKIP!

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you are 100% right the two party system is the biggest con of our life time Fuck Labour and Fuck the Conservatives they are the same people just wearing different colours

If Brexit doesn’t happen when it’s supposed to are you all going to riot?

The UK needs a viable third party but UKIP is not that party.

Since Farage stepped down it has been a procession of leaders and no moving forward of the party. It seems everyone has had a go at being the leader of UKIP.

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Do you think that party will emerge once the Brexit deadline passes and the UK is still in the EU?

Most definitely. They will capitalize on that but it will be short lived because as far as the public is concerned they are a one issue party.

The most UKIP can hope for is One or two MPs and perhaps a handful of councillors. They need to start expanding their message which I do not think they are capable of.

Farage sold out. He just didn’t want to address the issue with islam.

With regard to being a single issue party, obviously Europe has been at the forefront and I don’t think without the UKIP pressure year on year when Farage was at the helm we would have got the referendum. That said they have a manifesto and the electorate has to have the sense and balls to see that nothing will change if they continue to vote down to some stupid misguided loyalty. UKIP are the largest party that has a leader not bought and paid for by the establishment. As a party it was listing badly following Farage departure but Batten has created stability, increased membership and not afraid to talk about the taboo subjects.

It’s down to the people to put a rocket up the arse of the 2 party crap and even if it were just for a protest vote.

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Gerard Batten is talking about Islam and freedom of speech also he has been talking about nationalising large industries they are not a one issue party anymore

Ask the public what UKIPs policies are and you will not hear NHS, social care, education etc. They will talk about Europe and immigration.

Though other contributors to this website are correct, UKIP is also becoming known as a party focused on Islam which is not going to be a winner among mainstream voters.

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Focus on Islam and UKIP is relegated to being a fringe party with zero influence.

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Gerard Batten is the only one brave enough to speak the truth. Another guy who also speaks the truth is Geert Wilders.

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There is nothing brave about talking about any subject in the UK. He doesn’t face imprisonment, death or other extreme reprisals for giving his opinion.

Batten can talk all he wants about Islam being a threat and its a message that will never resonate with the electorate.

UKIP had an opportunity to become a viable third party and they blew it.

Boy you are a real moral, and joy killer aren’t you? You must be the life of the party! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Don’t focus on islam and the country will be screwed.

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people said the exact same thing a anti EU party

this is good for UKIP

In polling conducted by the group in July last year, 35% of people thought Islam was generally a threat to the British way of life, compared with 30% who thought it was compatible. Forty-nine per cent of those who voted Conservative in the 2017 general election thought it was generally incompatible, and 22% of Labour voters agreed.

Nearly a third (32%) said they thought there were “no-go areas” in Britain where sharia law dominated and non-Muslims could not enter. Almost half of Conservative voters (47%) and those who voted to leave the EU (49%) believed this was true.

A third of Britons already agree with you and that’s according to the Guardian who knows who they poled

And those percentages do not translate into votes. UKIP will not control any councils nor will they win any seats in the Commons.

even if that is true look at how without any seats in the Commons they forced the referendum the Conservatives were losing votes to UKIP so called for the referendum and many people will not be voting for mad Labour any time soon also the Conservatives have badly damage their reputation with treasonous May handling of Brexit even the politicians are aware that the public have the appetite for a new party (The Independent Group) I truly believe the political landscape has changed in the UK but time will tell maybe you are right