Are There More than TWO Genders? My Christian Perspective

This is my view of whether or not there are only two genders. I cite scripture as my evidence that God created us as only male and female. Let me know what you think of my arguments

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I will gladly watch your creative offering my brother and provide my feedback accordingly. God bless you.

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Thank you very much, and God bless you as well!

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I think that the King James’ Bible needs to be given a special place based on the fact that King James was an absolute boss.

He wrote a book about witches and demons and how to combat them. That’s a man whose work I can get behind.

I’m not being sarcastic or ironic.

I look at the mess we live in and I simply cannot discredit the idea of witches, witchcraft, demons, or possession.

The idea that the world is entirely governed by indifferent mechanic natural forces is simply inadequate to explain quotidian existence. Hence, the LGBTQ / gender fluid conundrum.

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King James wrote in the early 1600’s, Shakespeare put witches in Macbeth for KJ’s delight (WS was a businessman, not just a playwright).

I don’t see witches and demons, I do see a society that is a bit like a teen who has suddenly been given carte blanche from his/her/it’s parents to do whatever comes to mind. A teen cannot handle a lack of structure and is usually unhappy over time if that structure is absent. Our young people are less happy, less caring, and lonelier that generations past - before tech enslaved our attentions.

The made up genders are merely a symptom of that new techno-freedom, and its lack of any structure.Frankly, the more attention we pay to that slice of the mental illness spectrum, the worse the individuals stuck in it, and society, become.

Transgenders don’t just change the way they dress mate. They are the lowest form of degenerate and they are a tool of the globohomo cultural marxists. The rampant rise of transgenderism needed to occur in order to allow children the right to choose their sex. For what comes next is allowing children to choose their sexual partner at whatever age they want. They will package it as intergenerational love. Wake up, mate.

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That’s exactly why they are pushing drag queen story hour.

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That’s a good point. I agree that transgenderism is a degenerate lifestyle and a delusion. You are also correct in connecting it to cultural Marxism. I’m thinking I should make a video on that since it is one of the fundamental forces tearing our social fabric apart.

I also heard about pedophilia being renamed intergenerational love. It seems that as soon as we redefined the sexual boundaries, we opened the floodgates of depravity.

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I’ll see if I can dig up some recent articles from Australia for you. It is relentlessly getting pushed here and the intergenerational love aspect is seeping its way into mainstream reporting. Of course, any criticism of this will land you in prison here.

Dang that’s so sad. Definitely send those articles. That sounds like a good video to make since I can at least criticize it here in the US.

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Overall, you made a good video with coherent and well-reasoned points. You seem to be holding back and playing it safe, likely because of YouTube and their draconian content policies, especially when dealing with any Christian content. I recommend using alternative platforms such as Bitchute. MEGA has also been getting more popular in terms of a decentralized platform for video hosting. You just need to upload your video then drop the link like you would in YouTube, except it’s totally encrypted and untraceable to you. I’d also recommend having more cutscenes that show the quotes of what you are referring to. It makes it easier for the viewer to be able to reference things later on their own. I’m keen on keeping my anonymity but I had a fairly large YouTube channel and was deplatformed in 2017.

Overall, I think you are heading in the right direction in terms of your views but you need to crank up the heat. There is no reason to soften the blow. These people want us all dead or broken, remember that. We know what the Bible says and where these people are going to end up on judgment day. Let them hear all about it.

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. I think you are right that I treated the issue very calmly, and it does not have much to do with the youtube algorithm, although that is an important consideration. I am still trying to decide how I want my tone to be. I am generally a calm person in general, and I rarely get angry at unbelievers for their depravity unless it is deeply and directly harming someone else such as when a parent tries to transition their children. I am generally a lot more harsh on those who claim to be Christian yet do not follow the authority in scripture. That’s just my perspective, but I will definitely consider more your advice about cranking up the heat.

I didn’t read that as projecting anger, more about not holding back on what would be considered highly controversial or offensive points by the left that are taken verbatim from the Bible.

Funny I just had this on my Instagram story! I know this is on the scientific and not theological side but funny nonetheless. Also that was a very well researched and respectful video. Thanks for sharing. image|690x1134

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Which points are you thinking of?

Looks like Huffpo got caught in a little contradiction there…

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I disagree to a point. Pedophiles, Nambla members and producers of child porn are far worse.All should be castrated period.
The flaming ■■■■ at gay pride parades aren’t far behind. A totem pole of sexual degenerates should be built.

I cite science as the leftist idiots claim science is everything.

Genetics show there are 2 different DNA strands, 1 male and 1 female.
There may be mutations on occasion however the number remains 2.

At conception, a person receives DNA from both the father and mother. We each have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Of each pair, one was received from the father and one was received from the mother. These 23 pairs of chromosomes are known as nuclear DNA because, with the exception of red blood cells, they reside in the nucleus of every cell in our body.

The 23rd chromosome is known as the sex chromosome. As with the other chromosomes, one is inherited from the father, and one from the mother. The 23rd chromosome from the mother is always an X. From the father, a person either inherits an X chromosome or a Y chromosome. The chromosome inherited from the father determines their gender. An X from the father would result in an XX combination, which is a female. A Y from the father would result in an XY combination, which is a male.

The left claim science yet deny it with their endless LBGTQRSTUV, etc. claims.

I think your right that science is extremely important to this discussion, especially when talking to those on the other side who still believe in science.

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The left will tell you they are the party of science until you begin the discussion of gender.