Are the Libs Dox'ing each other?

It looks like the libs are using well known, but un-published, dirty laundry to take each other out.

If so, the 2020 Presidential election cycle will be a Lib slaughter (politically).

I can’t wait.


Fun times. And of course we should do everything possible to help em out. :smiley:

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I’m happy to help them if they slow down, but for now, I am ready to watch the carnage.

Something from TsunZhu about discord in the enemy camp.

This is the start, not the end.

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I hope that’s the case. It should be highly entertaining as the field is already way too deep and the DNC is already going to pick who they want through their super delegates anyway.

Yeah, I think the old Dem establishment took their first swipe at the little (openly) socialist clique. The old liners cheered Trump’s declaration against socialism while Bernie and AOC looked like someone stole thier cookies.

We know that they are all proggie socialists/commies at heart but the older ones are smart enough to hide it from the voters

That’s not doxing. Also, how can something that is “un-published” also be “well-known?”

You really did not post that crap, did you?

If you want to run with that, I am going to have some fun.

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I can’t wait. Let’s see what you got.

So, how did the Northam yearbook come to light?

Somebody found it. That’s not the definition of “well-known.”

Yeah - because year books aren’t things that get published and circulated widely :rofl:


They all want to be the Dem that replaces Trump. It’s not going to happen, but watching them publicly gut one another is going to be entertaining as hell.

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It’s almost cruel. But, you gave fair warning. :wink:

You and I have different definitions of “circulated widely.”

What I want to see happen is these holier-than-thou women start getting accused of sexual harassment by some of their male staffers. The minute that happens I want to hear the rest of these loud mouth men and women call the claims credible and demand that they be believed. Anyone who has ever worked around women knows that they are just as bad as men.

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I’ve known many that are worse by far.

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To be more precise, it isn’t really dox’ing - it’s the massive Democrat smear machine starting to turn inward. It’s like creating the perfect virus and then getting infected.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of sleazeballs. Here’s an idea: a go-fund-me campaign to help accusers of David Brock.

I don’t think you got to see my 1-on-1 style with libs back in the bad old days. I used to leave baited traps for them around the forum. Old habits are easy to revive.


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That is not how it got published.

Strike one.