Are the democrats getting worried with the occupants of the clown bus?

“CNN”s latest polls”

Monte’s click bait


Recycling that shit again?

So the short story is NO. Once Trump’s nuts are crushed, it’s over.

Its the Monte Clown show! The circus is in town!


WHERE ??? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

at least Trump’s balls haven’t been owned by foreign powers since the days of Charlie Trie and poor monks.

It’s not really about impeachment which is unlikely but about damaging Trump as to make their flawed candidates more attractive.

No - it’s about impeachment and it is going to happen.

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But of course they have…

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He obstructed your Just-Us and the seriousness of the charges that only ever goes one way and all that.

Then why aren’t you satisfied with the no controlling authority guff that was Algore’s defense?

What do you mean by that.

He will never be convicted by the senate. The house would impeach a dead person if they could get a little bit ahead in the game.

Careful what you wish for as when it hits the senate no more behind closed doors, no more selective leaks to the press and the senate investigation will certainly by far more complete.

There we go again :roll_eyes: those who can’t accept the Electoral College Trump VICTORY. Someone always has to comment on the popular vote tally and all I’ve got say is choke on it as the popular vote has no place is selecting a President of the Constitutional Federal Republic of the United States of America.

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Not so, but be sure you’ll be willing to choke on it if the democratic candidate looses the popular vote to Trump but wins the EC. :man_shrugging: