Are the CCP military vaccinated?

The answer is no.
They remain unvaccinated. For a reason.

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They haventt?

Many Chinese military personnel, including peacekeeping personnel, have received a COVID-19 vaccine developed by Tianjin-based CanSino Biologics, and none of them got infected after vaccination, Yu Xuefeng, CanSino chairman and CEO, told a forum on Friday.

Of course , they developed the germ warfare and made sure they knew how to contain it . Biden and dems are even afraid to call it what it is the CHINA VIRUS , the bringing of war . Time for the US to release a few of those nasty viruses they have locked away .

Pfizer, AZ and Moderna shots are death shots, not vaccines.

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When does the death kick in?

It already has been kicking in, where have you been in a cave somewhere?

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Table football, Pfizer edition


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No, I live in a city. How long does it take for it to kill me? I seem fine.

Stay away from the death vax.

Drive defensively, because of vaxxed drivers causing vaxxidents.

Never wear a mask, because it doesn’t prevent “infection,” but weakens your immune system and causes all kinds of bacterial and fungal infections.

Keep taking vitamins C, D and zinc and a lot of sunshine.

Ignore controlled media.

Then you’re fine.

You live in the city? That might explain a few things.

We have an entire thread dedicated to the topic here! Do your own fking research!