Are Public Libraries Becoming Obsolete?

I daresay that any developed foreign power has the ability to hack into another country’s superstructures and institutions, so I guess it’s something we’ll just have to learn to live with; but proving which of those powers actually did the hacking isn’t quite so easy. I mean let’s face it - the West is doing it all the time anyway?

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An EMP isn’t hacking. It is an electromagnetic pulse

EMPs are pulses of energy that can be emitted from the blast of a nuclear weapon, portable devices like high power microwave weapons (HPMWs), or even certain natural phenomenon. These powerful pulses – when interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field – have the ability to damage electronic and electrical equipment such as computers, cell phones, transformers and transmission lines, as well as critical communications infrastructure. Even worse, the design of America’s electric grid means that damage to certain critical substations could cause cascading failures across the entire country.

You obviously know your stuff, but are you seriously suggesting that one of these EPMs could knock out my e-reader? I doubt it, but if one does I’ll let you know.

If you are close enough (the power of the the EMP diminishes with distance from the source) not only will your e-reader be knocked out, but so will your, computer, your TV, your microwave, your coffee pot, and every other solid state device you own including your car. If it is caused by a MCE, there is no place on the surface of the Earth facing the Sun to hide.

They can only hack them if they have direct access to them. The Power Grids use a secure network.

You can’t use your fingers to make the text bigger with books.

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