Are Leftists deserving of human rights?

Do Leftists respect the rights of others and in turn theyre rights be respected

No, Life Liberty Property. To qualify for human rights you must accept the rights of others and the rights to liberty, life and property. They do not respect property rights, the beginning of human rights, property rights, ergo since they do not respect our rights we shall not respect theyre.

Who are “they”?
If you respect your neighbors’ property rights, they will respect yours.

Leftists, they dont respect property rights.

No, they don’t.
You’re right about that.

The Soviet Union, CCP, North Korea, Khmer Rough Cambodia…
They all prove the point.

Now, the left in America? They won’t be any different.

The thread is whacked. All humans are deserving of human rights…

That’s just false…

Property rights are the lock to all rights meaning they dont deserve human rights since they disrespect and ignore property rights.

“Property rights” are as good as ones ability to hang on to them. Many of America’s wars have been fought to steal property from others…

Yes, I believe that is wrong. Isnt communist doctrine about the abolition of property, meaning theft, meaning they want to use the state to take youre rights and steal youre property, and thats communism. Also, in Ancapistan since everyone would have a weapon, it would be foolish to violate the NAP for property since the community will kill you.

Well, any piece of property that you “own”, that you have bought, was stolen from somebody at some point in time. Possession is 9/10ths the law they say huh?

European immigrants to North America displaced natives who occupied the country for thousands of years.

You can’t keep what you can’t defend.

Right, so if your neighbor steals your house and kicks you out of it by force, you consider that fair game if you are incapable of defending it?

Considering that pussy police departments are kneeling with the rioters that seems to be the size of things at the moment.

But aren’t you ok with that…

No, not really. There made in factories made by voluntary employees. Yeah, and thats wrong and thats why I believe in heavy armaments.

Yes, so thats why you get the Missile Launcher.

So you acknowledge that all property (land) is stolen property…

From birth they are. What they do with that afterwards can strip them of their human rights.

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In another thread you just mentioned that you don’t have any money so how are you going to get your missile launcher?