Approval Ratings Down, Bad News Piles Up for Joey Bidet as He Hits the Beach

So Joey “81 MILLION votes” Bidet his approval ratings continue their freefall down the crapper.

They are saying only 44% Approve, there is NO WAY this Senile dude has 44% Approval, REMEMBER the MSM are PROFESSIONAL LIARS and so more like Bidet’s Approval is 24%

The Senile dude is “hitting the beach” ROFLAO they MAKE it sound like Joey Brain Rot is going SURFING or something MAYBE there will be some little kids on the beach and Joey can get them to STROKE his hairy legs or whatever.


^^^^ STAND UP STRAIGHT Joey and SALUTE those Marines PROPERLY you lying pathetic WALKING CORPSE.

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That sounds about right Lucy. Keep in mind 44 percent are hardcore democrats/commies or heavily left-wing leaning. Oh you may have “some” moderate democrats that aren’t happy with direction but those are far and few.


Polls are like votes for the dems , they vote early and often . The 44 is more like 4.4 !!!


Biden was also supposedly the most voted for president in US history.

Here we go! Truth bombs!

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Wait…so we believe polls now?

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Joey isn’t running anything. He is merely propped up in front of the camera and controlled. Even the people who “voted” for him knows this.

We all know he didn’t win. We all know he didn’t get 80 million votes. We all know that everything that has occurred over the last two years was an elaborate plan of cheating and deceit (including CV19) on the part of the Left… and IMO… some of the Right ,to get Trump out and establish a power structure that will slowly ease in a quasi socialist government.

So far, it’s working brilliantly. When and if the people truly become “woke”, The country could be saved. I won’t hold my breath.

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Oh I think there’s quite a few of those actually but it doesn’t matter, Trump’s gone and that’s what matters……

All the evidence you needed of true intent….

Hope Bidet isn’t left alone with children in the Lifeguard Station, teaching CPR and First Aid!!!

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Nope, no worries there…….

17 Things With A Higher Approval Rating Than Joe Biden

1. Candy corn - Even these tasteless cones of wax fare better in the polls than Sleepy Joe.

2. Prostate exams - Uncomfortable but at least they don’t last four years.

3. The restrooms at Walmart - Unsanitary but they’ve never tried to sniff our hair.

4. The decision to cancel Firefly - Next time Joe Biden wants to stab us in the back, he should have the guts to do it to our face.

5. DMV employees - Hey, at least they know where they are.

6. Pearl Harbor , the Ben Affleck movie - We don’t know how this one beat Joe but it did.

7. The actual attack on Pearl Harbor - At least it eventually led to the fall of Hitler.

8. Andrew Cuomo’s steamy new romance novel - Yeesh. Biden’s numbers must be awful.

9. The guy in your neighborhood who hands out toothbrushes on Halloween - Everyone has that guy. But hey, he’s not trying to ruin your life.

10. Long John Silver’s - Something’s fishy about this place but at least you can just avoid it.

11. Todd - Good one, Todd!

12. Gas station sushi - Will only make you sick one time and you’ll have a great story to tell.

13. Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina candle - We don’t know why she sells these but some people like them, we guess.

14. Alex Rodriguez’s vagina candle - We don’t know why he sells these but some people like them, we guess.

15. Installing a car seat - On a 120-degree day in Phoenix.

16. Wuhan’s world-famous bat soup - The taste isn’t so bad, it’s the consistency.

**17. Donald Trump


Apparently it’s a convenient way to bash president Biden, despite their insistence that polls are worthless….You’ve got a group of eternally butt hurt people here over Biden’s colossal defeat over Trump…:blush:

84% of the counties voted for trump, republicans won 98% of the toss up seats, so republicans approval was 90% off my 40%
And if you look at the cheating in 5 states well


Bash the village idiot with dementia?

Maybe some day you’ll pull your head out and realize how much damage he’s doing to this country.

Probably not as Trumpitis is alive and well infecting your brain.

Shot of bleach will cure you.

Joe Biden has dementia. The media have been pretending otherwise since before he announced he was running. To the extent that the media has allowed him to get past the debate, this has largely been on the theory that he was merely too dim to grasp its importance, or too out of his depth to present coherent arguments. It is a convenient way to get around the fact that the guy is an elderly puppet Democrat with no record to speak of and few, if any, actual accomplishments to his name. It is also a convenient way to get around the fact that he doesn’t have the stamina to deal with an event that lasts eight hours…now that he’s President we are basically screwedZ the bureaucracy is in charge.

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It doesn’t matter how bad the polls get. Biden stole the election and when you steal elections you don’t have to worry about the consequences since you can just steal the next one.


It’s more like a colossal con job and a stolen election. :roll_eyes:

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Did you not catch that we do not?

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