Apple removes Christian ministry app following complaints by LGBT activists



I understand that Jews also considers homosexuality a sickness or a sin and so do Muslims. So is the Apple Corporation going to remove their apps too or is this Apple’s discrimination against Christians only? Is LGBT…xyz running Apple now?
Right about now boycotts with lawsuits would be fitting.


Your comment was good. You should leave it since you only dropped a link.


I have not yet bought any Apple products…and I plan not to ever buy any Apple products…with exception of occasional purchases of one or more of these:


People of faith put up with a lot of horse-crap from the gender deniers, they can’t even leave a niche app alone.

Apple better figure out that there are a lot of people of faith and very few of those who imagine that nature does not work.


I think the mainstream is getting tired of the squeaky wheels getting all of the oil.

There will be a backlash against this kind of censorship only when enough people have had enough.


I can still download the Torah from the App Store.


No there won’t be. Those of us willing to make a stink about it get finger wags from cuckservatives who don’t have the nerve to call a spade a spade.

You won’t see any Jewish materials or apps getting banned from Apple.


Be careful who you call a spade, honky! :rofl:


Wouldn’t it be something if Christians, Jews, and Muslims banded together and told Apple to shove it. Well… they might not use that terminology but… you know.


As I said. When enough have had enough…



Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple coming out as gay a few years ago and pushing LGBT’s agendas is probably not what Steve Jobs would have envisioned as a great business plan for his company. To insult and alienate the majority of your costumers in favor of certain sexual preferences followed by maybe 3% or less of the population is similar to Toys R Us supporting Planned Parenthood and going bankrupt. Not a very balanced appoach.



So they cave to the freaks . :roll_eyes:


Tim Cook is the head of Apple and is as queer as a $2 bill. Obviously he will do whatever his “community” tells him to do. Apple is a cult.


Plenty of PowerMacs out there for me to do what I want to.


Not to nitpick… but I think the expression goes “queer as $3 bill”.

There actually is a $2 bill.