AOC tried to grill Wells Fargo CEO but got permanently assblasted instead

She communicates only in platitudes and, when invariably called out for it, retreats into the cloak of moral superiority and muh intersectional. AOC is the typical American female millennial who thinks every bowel movement is profound and oh so unique.


Which is proof positive that not only is she dumb, but she has her former Bernie Sanders crazy campaign staffers writing the questions for her. Epic failure on all accounts!


She should go back to something she understands - being a slutty bartender in NYC.


Well…The glasses make her look smarter…a little…

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This will become the new norm once white people become the minority

Wow - she really is that stupid. It’s the bank’s fault that a pipeline leaks.

The bank will get a visit from some professional shakedown group asking for a donation…An affiliation/ endorsement with AOC will be casually mentioned and the bank will fill up the pig trough.

And then maybe getting assblasted can be a positive resume item :thinking:

Handlers are learning a lesson in casting calls. Have to get actresses with more brains. About 2 to 4 times her IQ next time.

You could see she was way out of her depth.

While CEO was replying you could see her trying to recover. Only to think she had recovered and was going to shoot out a zinger then to be shot down again.

She makes Maxine Waters look like a Harvard grad.

I’m not sure if I were the CEO I wouldn’t be chugging water to disguise my laughter. God bless the guy for showing the patience that he did.

This is what happens when you give an ignorant, immature, and self righteous child with minimal life experience a privileged position of power.


You are too kind. AOC is a stupid, asinine, adolescent, liberal bitch.

Only that idiot could make a shady banker look respectable.

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Rush Limbaugh had a great opinion on this line of thought AOC took with the Wells Fargo CEO questioning. Rush thinks she was fed these questions to lay down markers about shaming bankers for funding anyone the left hates.

She reminds me of the kind of people who aren’t parents but can tell you everything your doing wrong with parenting along with advice on how you can do it better. :smirk:

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She is fed the questions no doubt. The people she hired to prep for her are leftists as well. You’d think they are taking advantage of her by feeding her these questions to make her look like an idiot. Until you realize she’s read them, approved them and is completely on board with them.

Rush could be right. Imagine if a bunch of leftist loons saw this as a rally cry and started picketing the CEO’s home, terrorizing his family like they did to Tucker Carlson.

You would think this was an act , how can one person be that f-ing dumb ? Soon she will claim to have a money tree growing in her yard . :roll_eyes:

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That he didn’t tell her off says a lot about how completely banks have been made to fear government. He knows what the regulators can do to his business the minute democrats are back in power. Otherwise he would have laughed in her face.

I saw it more as respect for the office (not the person). He handled himself well. Had he told her off, that would be the news not how stupid she is.

Then again, had he told her off, it really would have been enjoyable to watch.

Private citizens and businesses should not be in fear of government. And fear is the only explanation of why anyone would take what she had to say seriously.