AOC says white people are causing global warming

Explain yourselves, white people.


As usual, Alexandria Occasional-Cortex is wrong.


Who in the hell was she questioning? Did you see that dude who was her climate expert? He was dressed like a damn pimp.

Yeah I saw this and was thinking that Carlson was giving her way too much credit!

What about all the farts tho? Is she saying that white farts are killing the planet?

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If someone said “yellow people contribute to climate change the most” referencing China’s #1 ranking in global CO2 emissions there would be outrage.

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Technically she is right European people started the industrial Revolution and spread it throughout the world increasing everybody’s living standards and European people cause the global population to increase at a dramatic rate thanks to modern medication and modern agriculture God dam European people and their ability to invent things that are useful

Now I’m going to read guns steel and germs to remind myself that European people were just lucky

I didn’t know China and india were full of white people,when did that happen?


Oh yeah, Fucker Carlson…:roll_eyes:

Why bother posting if you have absolutely nothing of value to add? Your posts are rarely on-topic and when they are you have nothing of value to say. Absolute shit tier posting.


And how was that on topic…:rofl::rofl:

There is plenty of toxic emissions coming from AOC and the Liberal Leftists thst is depleting the oxone layer.